Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Sissy's Penance:

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!!!" Eric pleaded, jumping up and down and stomping his feet. "Please don't make me do this!"

"It's far too late for all that." His mom said calmly.

"I'm sorrrrry."

"No use apologizing now. Your sister will be home shortly and she'll help you get ready. In the meantime, I suggest you pull yourself together, go into the bathroom and get cleaned up." She turned and left him alone.

Eric had been caught in his sister Angela's room again.

"THIS ISN'T FAIR!" He screamed down the hall after his mother. Slamming the door as hard as he could. He was in the midst of a sissy temper tantrum.

He knew the punishment. There was no getting out of it this time.

As promised, Angela arrived shortly after and was delighted to hear the news. She grabbed her phone and made the calls.

"He's all yours." Their mother said.

With a maniacal smirk on her face, Angela came into the bathroom and started the tub.

Eric was still wearing his sister's blue panties, t-shirt, and white denim jacket. By now the anger was used up and he just sat and cried.

Sniffling and blurry eyed, "Please, Angie. Don't make me do this."

She smiled without empathy and handed him a pink razor.

Eric wiped his eyes and got into the bath. He shaved his privates as instructed. Then he shaved his legs and armpits.

Angela had used a lavender perfumed soap and she had in her excitement already begun working on his make-up.

"Turn and face me." She said.

Eric looked down at the water. He was miserable.

"Erica!" she said sternly.

He turned to look at his older sister.

"Oh my gosh! You look so pretty!" She squealed.

"I'm gonna get you back for this." He said quietly.

Her mood shifted suddenly, "Oh I seriously doubt that. After tonight, you're going to be my little bitch. Forever."

Eric knew she was right. He got out of the tub and Angela handed him a towel.

"Get dried off, your dress is laying out in the other room."

He didn't have to see the outfit to know what he'd be wearing. Angela had threatened this exact thing so many times, he could see it in his mind.

The the black heels, the pink lace g-string, the black bra and matching nailpolish. And finally, the black short-sleeved dress.

First, she made Eric put on the lace panty-thong.

The material fit so loosely he knew if he couldn't keep his cool, the fabric of the dress wouldn't do much to conceal his identity.

He tried to compose himself but as his sister's panties grazed his thighs on the way up, he became hard immediately.

There was nothing to tuck into, the underwear was practically non-existent.

Angela could see the horror on his face.

"Please, Angie, please." He whimpered.

But 'Angie' just threw the bra across the room to her little helpless sissy brother.

He put it on like a good girl but struggled with the clasps.

"Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it soon. There's plenty of time to practice."

He couldn't bear to think about having to do this every day.

Next, Angela made him slip into the black dress.

"We should get a move on it, I told them to meet us at six." Angela reminded him, "You know, it's kinda too bad you're so worried about this whole thing. The girls are gonna' love you! I promise."

At the mention of 'the girls' Eric's heart sank into his chest.

Eric put the dress on and as his sister handed him his purse, he put on the heels.

His sister inspected her creation.

"Adorable!" she said, "I still can't believe you're mine to keep!!!"

She grabbed Eric by the wrist and led him out of the room.

In the kitchen, their mother was reading a magazine and at the appearance of the children she stopped and looked up.

"Oh sweetie! You look so precious." She then proceeded to give Angela the keys to the car and her credit card. "Don't stay out too late."

"Yes, mom." They both said in unison.

As they were leaving Eric's mother called out to them, "Shop till you drop girls!"

Angela drove them straight to the mall. Eric sat very low in the seat.

"Relax, would ya!?!" His sister teased, "You're probably just anxious because that dress doesn't fit quite well enough. I gotta' admit, baby bro, you're definitely a petite."

Eric tugged at the bottom of the dress that had ridden up when he sat down. "How could she possibly make me wear something smaller than this?" he thought.

When they arrived, Angela's friends still weren't there yet. "Well, no sense waiting in the car, come on sis." They walked into the courtyard and Angela sat on the grass.

Eric stood awkwardly near her.

"Well, aren't you gonna sit down?" She asked him.

A breeze blew past and Eric struggled to keep the hem of his skirt down.

"Sit down silly!"

Eric stayed standing, battling the wind.

"Oh! I forgot, you probably don't know how to sit in that dress!" She laughed aloud, "Well, sissy brother lesson 101..."

She was just about to explain when in the distance she saw her friends.

Angela sprang to her feet, "OVER HERE GIRLS!" She yelled across the square.

Eric looked to where she was yelling. The mall was crowded and many people turned to see who had been yelling so loudly. Eric felt his cheeks go flush with the newly drawn attention. He was still standing on the sidewalk, near the road. He thought about running.

Then he saw 'the girls', all 7 of them. They were loud and brought that same boisterous attention he had feared. Everyone in the courtyard was aware of the group.

They waved at Angela and he could tell they were trying to figure out who she'd brought along with her to go shopping.

Angela saw their confused looks and went to remedy the situation.

"I BROUGHT MY LITTLE BROTHER WITH ME!" She screamed as loud as she could. Then to further Eric's humiliation, she pointed at him.

The girls made a big scene. "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" They yelled, pointing and laughing and cheering. "I CAN'T BELIEVE HE LET YOU DRESS HIM UP!"

Angela laughed along with them before saying, "AND LOOK AT THIS! IT GETS BETTER!" In one quick motion she pulled the front of Eric's dress up to show off his little pink lace panties.

Eric recovered as fast as he could, grabbing the dress, but it was too late.

The girls were upon them, "HAHAHA! WHAT A SISSY!"

Eric glared at his sister, "I will never forgive you for this." 



  1. wow, so glad you're back, great work

  2. Amazing work as always :) Can't wait for the next one!

  3. Where do u guys live I want to wear thongs too!!!!!!

  4. So wished I had a sister. Am sure this or close would of happened to me.

    Love the story and interest through the whole story. thanks!

  5. Nice story. If I had a sister when I was younger, I'm sure I would of been caught in her panties.
    So instead of a sister catching me, it was my mother. Boy she was pissed too. How embarrassing wearing a pair of your mothers

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  7. Great Story! Love it how they made him dress up. I think a Sissy Dress would be nice for him to dress up next time. Or he could end up as the House Maid...

  8. mom and older sister dressed me the same when ever I had a tantrum.The last time was when i was twelve and I got in trouble at school mom had been called to take me home.My older sister was waiting for me mom ordered me do do as she said or it was a spanking, i had to let my sister shave me, she gave me a small bikini line and all under arm and legs shaved baby smooth. I was given my punishment dress,knickers and girly shoes to wear, sis did my make up then i was taken out dress shopping with mom and sis. I'm sure people saw me for what i was,A SISSY BOY !!

  9. I grew up with a house full of sisters, I was home alone with two sisters and I was done up as girl, mom kept me as a daughter and help of Doctor I soon had a nice set of c cup breast of my own.

  10. Eric looks good if your mom caught him wearing a dress he must want to be a girl he should not be imbarresed going out in public he should take female hormones

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  14. Angela has got the sister that she always wanted

  15. Angela has got the sister that she always wanted