Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jackie + Coke (Part II):

In moments, Jacob was the center of attention.

As Jess had said, the party was ending and many had left.

But there were still a few remaining girls who now stood laughing and pointing at the sissy from the hallway.

Some of those gathered thought there was nothing funnier in the entire world than the sight of this drunken cross-dresser, others were appalled, and still a few more were impressed that he looked so much like a girl.

His head was still spinning.

More and more people from the other rooms were gathering in the doorway to see what all the commotion was about.

Trying to cover himself, the group was unforgiving and cheered the scene on from the door.

Jacob looked down, still in shock at the choice of panties the mysterious girl had chosen to dress him in.

"Did you pick those out yourself?!" Someone from the hallway asked.

Everyone was in hysterics.

He looked around at the faces and saw all of the girls he had hoped to flirt with earlier.

One of the girls had taken out a camera and was passing a photo of Jacob around.

He wanted to die. This was the most humiliating thing that had ever happened in his entire life.

And it was all his ex-girlfriend's fault.

Jess got a phone call and left Jacob with the jeering crowd.

A moment later she came back.

She joined the end of a line of girls in the doorway.

"Hey Jacob, Vicky just called."

Jacob looked up at her, still swimming from the alcohol.

Jess continued, "She told me she had heard you were really drunk and asked if you could just sleep here. I told her, of course!"

His blood ran cold.

Jacob realized his night was just beginning.

He tried to stand and struggled because of the jeans around his ankles.

 "WOOHOO! Look at that cute little sissy butt!"

Jacob shifted one hand to cover his ass.

The scene was ridiculous, he held one hand over his crotch and the other trying to hide his butt from the gaggle of girls.

This was all too much. He leaned down (to another row of cheers) and grabbed the bottle of Jack Daniels.

If he wasn't going to be allowed to leave, and this was to be a night he could never forget, he wanted to make sure instead he would never remember it.

But he still had to do something, to make them stop laughing at him.

 Not thinking straight, Jacob pulled the panties down to take them off.

In doing so, he dropped the bottle.

Exposing himself completely to the girls in the hall, they became out of control.

A group of three girls were laughing so hard they lost their balance and fell on top of each other.

Rolling on the floor, one of them gasped and barely able to speak said, "It's... it's so small!"

Jess contained her laughter the best and moved into the room.

But even she burst into hysterics when Jacob bent over to pick up his bottle.

Then she gave him a loud SMACK on the ass as he bent down.

 Jacob lost his balance and took a spill.

"If you wanted something else to where why didn't you just say so!?!" Cried Jess.

The girls in the hallway were excited at this idea and all gathered into the room to find Jacob some new clothes.

They pinned him down and stripped off what remained of him outfit.

Jacob struggled to get free but there were just too many of them and he was too drunk to get away.

One of the girls forced the panties back up his legs while another found another "prettier" pair of jeans from the dresser.

For a moment, Jacob got one arm free and tugged at the panties but he was quickly subdued.

To keep this from happening again, Jess sat on his face and pinned his arms with her knees.

They put the pink jeans and a new spaghetti strap top on him.

Releasing him, he tried to run away but was blocked at each exit.

Slowly he backed up to the wall.

One of the girls realized the bulge showing in the front of the jeans.

"Oh my god!" she screamed, "He's having fun!"

Jacob tried to again, in vein, to cover himself.

Jacob began to cry. He was scared and out numbered.

When they saw this, the girls just laughed more at the pathetic little sissy.

They were having so much fun.

Jess took pity on him and brought some more alcohol.

The girls decided they didn't like this outfit and grabbed Jacob by the wrists and legs, forcing him to the ground again.
They stripped him naked again. Holding him down, he was so confused.

This pattern continued for many hours.

The girls from the party found outfit after outfit from Jess' wardrobe for Jacob to wear.

After the first few, and with lots of liquor, Jacob began to lighten up. He began to secretly, in a way, to enjoy the attention.

Soon, the girls began to notice the change in their victim.

They decided they didn't need to pin him down between outfits.

He was still very sloppy with alcohol and even if he wanted to, they decided, he couldn't get away.

Jacob actually continued to fall down throughout the night and had to be helped up.

Before long, Jacob was laughing along with the rest of the girls. Showing off his cute panties at will.

Especially after a drunken fall. 

Eventually one of the girls went out to the kitchen and brought back a bar stool for Jacob to sit upon.

And there he waited patiently for the girls to choose what he would wear next.

But he had just as much trouble keeping himself from falling as he did while standing.

Finally, one of the girls said, "Hey! Did you all know it's almost 4am!?! We've been doing this for 3 hours straight!"

Then Jess said she needed to go to bed and thought they should find an outfit for Jacob to sleep in.

After dressing the sissy for bed, all the girls tucked him in and told him how good he looked and how fun the night had been.

One by one the girls left until it was only Jacob, Jess, and two other of Vicky's best friends.

Jess took out her camera and snapped one last photo before bed but Jacob didn't think she had gotten a good shot...

He snatched the camera from her and started taking pictures of himself.

Jess was tired and had lost her patience for the sissy in her bed.

"It's time to go to sleep Jacob!" She scolded.

"Just one more picture!" He assured her.

Jess took the camera and turned off the lights. But before she left the room she reminded him that they could still play dress-up tomorrow.


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  1. what can I say! so wished I were Jacob..shame though he had to be such a drinker. Love the idea of the camera and pics were also perfect. I saw myself as Jacob as I read.