Monday, March 21, 2011

An Animated "Caught" Saga:

Patrick had stayed home "sick" from school. He had usually had a hard time convincing his mom but for some reason, today was different.

He slept in and woke up around noon, heading straight for his older sister's room.

She was at school and he remembered hearing her complaining to their mom about how it wasn't fair that Patrick got to stay home and she couldn't.

He opened up the top drawer and found a very cute pair of soft cotton panties to try on. Colleen was a very petite girl but a few years older that Patrick so he  could still fit into her clothes without much effort.
He slipped into the panties and was immediately aroused by the feeling of feeling feminine.
A little more snooping in her closet and Patrick found an extra school uniform.
He put it on, a little embarrassed at how short the length was. He looked at himself in the mirror and blushed. If he hunched over at all, his panties became visible immediately.

Next, it was time to find some shoes to complete the outfit and then on to make-up.

Even though Patrick wasn't going to school, it didn't mean he wasn't going to get a certain education that day. He planned on working on his girlie walk and trying on as many outfits as possible before Colleen came home from school at 4:30.

He was just about the switch into a new outfit when the door slammed downstairs and he could hear heavy footsteps running up the stairs!

It was Colleen!

"Patrick! I know you're not sick, where are you!"
she said angrily.

Patrick almost had a heart attack when he heard her voice. She was coming up so fast there was almost no time to react.

In a moment she was upstairs and saw that her brother wasn't in his room. When she came to her room, she noticed the door was closed.


"What are you doing home?" Patrick moaned.

"It's lunch time. What are you doing in my room, you creep!?!"

They struggled back and forth on either side of the door for a moment until Colleen finally pulled it open enough to stick her foot in the crack and then pry it all the way open.

Patrick took a step back but there was nowhere to hide. He'd been caught.

"What the hell are you doing!" Colleen demanded.

"It was just a joke, Col, don't freak out." Patrick said meekly.

"Freak out? Ya right! I always wanted a little sister!"

"It was just this one time, I swear."

"I can't wait to show Alice." Colleen took out her cellphone and snapped a picture.

"NO! Please don't show anyone that!"

"Oh, Patricia, you're so funny sometimes, of course I'm going to show all my friends." Colleen laughed.

Patrick was in shock. Why had he decided to play hookie today? He knew his life was never going to be the same after this experience.

"Okay, let's finish getting you ready for school!" Colleen jeered.

Patrick's stomach sank but he couldn't protest anymore, she had him trapped. Colleen helped Patricia straighten out his skirt and button up his blouse. Then she did his make-up.

"Push your lips out like this." She told him as she applied some lip gloss.

"Trisha, you look so cute!"

Finally, she put a little pink hear clip in his hair.

"Okay! are you ready?" Colleen asked.

"Ready for what?" Patricia replied.

"For school you silly girl. My lunch break is almost over, we gotta get back."

"There is no way in hell I'm leaving this room dressed like this!" Trisha argued.

"OH YES YOU ARE LITTLE GIRL! Unless you want me to show mom that you weren't really sick today,  I've got the pictures to prove it."  Colleen reminded him.

"Col, please, no." Patricia begged quietly.

"Now grab your bag and let's go or we'll both be late!"