Friday, July 22, 2011


"Justin." Kelly called to her boyfriend. "Can you come here for a second."

She heard him coming down the hallway to the bedroom.

As he opened the door and looked at Kelly on the bed with her entire panties drawer dumped out around her, he knew he was caught.

"Have you seen my pink lacy panties?"

Justin fumbled over the words in his mouth. "Uh, no why would I... have seen, know where they are?"

"Oh really?"

Kelly leaned forward and stared her boyfriend down knowingly.

She sat staring at him for a moment letting him feel nervous and squirming where he stood.

"You've never taken any of my panties out of my drawer by chance have you?"

"No way!" Justin exclaimed.

"Calm down, calm down. It was just a question..." 

She leaned back and started collecting the panties into a pile.
Justin turned to leave but she called to him again before he went out the door.

"Hey, come here." She had a pair of panties in her hands still and she was motioning with her index finger, drawing him in.

"Honey, I've really got work to do."

"This will just take a moment." She assured him. "Come sit on the bed."

He did as he was told and Kelly began to crawl towards him slowly and seductively.

 "Like I said, this will only take a second."

Kelly reached for his wrists and place her knees on his hands. Pinning him to the bed Justin began to struggle. But before he could get away, Kelly pulled up his shirt and could see the tip of her pink lacy panties under his shorts. She began to laugh and she suddenly seemed stronger. In one quick movement she pulled his shorts down and burst into laughter.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Alison came into the hotel room and found her brother putting on make-up in the mirror. He was sitting in her bra and panties and had laid out a dress on the bed.

"What the hell are you doing!?!"

Troy tried to cover himself. The family had gone to Florida on vacation and Troy and Alison were sharing a room.  He had acted sick so as not to go out for the day with the family.

Alison had come back early however as their parents wanted some alone time.

Her eyes drifted to the bed and she saw her cocktail dress laying out.

"I was gonna wear that to dinner tonight!"

Troy was still shocked and silent. Alison was becoming more and more angry.

Adding to her anger was Troy's complete lack to defend himself.

Finally, he says, "Ali, please please don't tell anyone."

"Of course I'm gonna tell! You're such a little perv. I can't believe you wear my clothes, that's so gross!"

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

"Come on! Pweety please. I bought them just for you!"

"Only if you don't make me wear them to work like last time."

"No, no. I promise, just for bed."


"YES! You're gonna be so so so so so cute!"

She reached by the night stand and opened a drawer.


"No way, those are ridiculous."

"Too bad, you already agreed. Now put them on!"

"Please don't make me do this."

"What? I thought you had fun last time."

"I did till you told all you're friends."

"Oh, they'll keep it hush hush."

"Every time I see them, they ask what my favorite color is."

"Oh, get over it."

"Hey, quit it!"

"Well, if you're not gonna put them on I'll help you."

"Please, stop!"

"There you go! So cute!"


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Strip Poker:

"No way!" Chris accused the two girls, "You must be cheating!"

He had been losing all night.

"Come on! You can't just quit." said Tiffany.

It hadn't taken him long to lose almost all his clothes which was confusing to Chris because he thought himself to be a great card player.

"Here's what we'll do," Lisa began, "We'll play double or nothing or something like that."

"What? I don't have any more clothes left. How can I..."

"You didn't let her finish!" Tiffany yelped.

"So, like I was saying. Extreme strip-poker." Lisa shot a glance at Tiffany, who smiled in return. "If you win, we'll strip all the way down. But..."

"But..." Chris repeated.

"But, if you lose, you have to get completely dressed."

Chris knew his friends and knew the deal couldn't be so simple.

"Who's clothes?"


Chris sat for a moment and considered the humiliation if he played another hand and lost. It didn't seem worth the risk. But then he thought about how good Lisa and Tiffany probably looked in their underwear.

"Fine, fine. Deal me in."

The cards were dealt and Chris began to feel very nervous. He didn't have anything to play and there was no way he could bluff out of this one.

The girls were overjoyed at their victory as he took off his boxers. The two immediately got to work on dressing up Chris. Lisa let him put a grey tanktop on while Tiffany did his make-up and got a wig.

"Wait, who said anything about make-up!?!" Chris demanded but his voice was less than authoritative while sitting naked in the girls' apartment.

They even plucked his eyebrows. Then when they were done, Lisa brought out a mirror and showed Chris what they had done. His jaw dropped when he saw his reflection.

"Whoa." He finally managed.

Lisa laughed at him.

"No. I'm washing this off right now!" Chris started to get up but the girls blocked his way.

"A bets a bet Chris!" Tiffany said.

Chris let them finish what they had begun. They continued dressing him in a pair of Tiffany's panties and Lisa's blue mini-skirt. All the while he was getting more and more embarrassed and more and more angry.

When they were finished, Chris sat down again and began to shuffle the cards.

The girls looked at each other puzzled.

"What are you doing Christi?" Tiffany joked.

Chris didn't look up and he didn't respond.

"I think our cute lil' girl is angwy." said Lisa.

Chris glared up at them. "Are we gonna play or not." He said in a serious tone.

"Well, sure but what else can you lose Christi?"

"I'm not gonna lose." Chris said sternly.

He began to deal to the seats the girls had been sitting in earlier.

"You can't expect us to play if you don't have anything to lose."

Chris stopped passing the cards out.

"Fine. How long do I have to be dressed like this?"

"For the rest of the night!" Lisa said cheerfully.

"No way! Come on, lets play."

"Show us your panties first." Tiffany said on the verge of laughter.

Chris collected the cards he had just placed on the table and looked up at the two girls standing and grinning.

"You guys are so immature."

"Aww, come on Christi!"

"If I show you my panties, you have to play cards again. Give me another chance to change out of this outfit right now."

"Ya. Ya. Ya." Lisa said.

"Do you promise you'll play?"

"Yes, we promise."

Chris took a deep breath.

"This is so stupid." He said to himself as he reached down to lift the skirt.

The girls squealed with delight and Chris felt his face go flush.

"Come on, lets play." He said, trying to mask his insecurity.

"What are we playing for?" asked Tiffany.

"I know!" Lisa blurted out, "If you win, you can change back into your clothes but if you lose, we get to pick your Halloween costume for this year!"

"Fine, whatever, your not gonna win." Chris said as he dealt the cards once more.

"You know Christi," Tiffany began, "If your gonna be a girl all night, you gotta learn to act like one."

"Shut up Tif." Chris said.

"No seriously, a good girl wouldn't sit like that. She wouldn't show off her pussy to the entire world."

Chris stopped dealing for a moment and looked up at Tiffany in surprise. He was sitting like he usually did but this time hadn't realized he was wearing a skirt.

He was clearly embarrassed by her crude comment, "Lets just get this over with."

In October, Chris was standing is his own apartment fidgeting with the short dress the girls had brought for him to wear.

The night they played poker had been a strange memory. For the most part he had forced himself to forget it and how they had dressed him in not only the blue skirt but a variety of other outfits as he lost more and more hands.

All the while he never knew the girls were cheating.

Now the memory of embarrassment came flooding back to him. They had picked out clear high-heels and stripped stockings. They had done his nails and make-up like they had on that night many months ago.

Chris had butterflies in his stomach and he knew that the two girls could  see his panties very clearly.

He noticed the girls watching him tugging at the hem of the dress and so he turned away from them.

With his back to the girls, he began pulling on the front of the dress, trying to stretch it out.

"Oh my, what a sexy devil you are." came Lisa's voice.

What Chris had failed to realize is that by turning to face the wall he had given the girls a clear view of him butt. And the more he tugged on the front of the dress, the further the back of it rose up his cheeks.

"Christi! You've returned to us!" Tiffany joked.

The girls hadn't seen Chris much over the months in between now and the poker game, but they knew Chris well and they knew he wouldn't back down from the bet he had made.

"Now remember what we talked about." Tiffany said, "A good girl covers up."

Chris felt like throwing up. Every time one of the girls mentioned being 'lady-like' they did it with such an emphasis that he couldn't ignore how humiliated he was.

"Come on Christi! We don't want to be late!"

"Late for what!?!" Chris asked shocked.

"For the party, of course."

"Please, no." was all Chris managed to say as his heart skipped a beat and panic rose on his face. But there was nothing he could do now. A bet was a bet.

The girls began walking to the door and they could hear the CLICK CLICK CLICK of Chris' high heels beginning to follow them, unsteadily.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One Shots: (vol. 2):

ONE SHOTS(vol. 2)

*     *     *     *     *

As the door clicked shut and locked behind Ryan, 
he realized immediately the trouble he was in.
Now he had to choose, go outside the apartment building and try to get other clothes somehow, or wait for his girlfriend to come back to the apartment and find him dressed in her clothes.

*     *     *     *     *

"OH MY GOD! You were right!"
"Hey, get off, let go of me!"
"Look, Allen is wearing a thong!"

*     *     *     *     *

Going out for the girls track team seemed like a good idea at the time. 
Ben was way faster than all the other female athletes in his school. 
There was only the one problem he had overlooked, his new panty'd lifestyle rubbed him the wrong way."

*     *     *     *     *

"This is so dumb." 
"Ya? Then why'd you put so much time and energy into it?"
"I just... uhh, didn't want to back down on a dare."
"I only dared you to put a dress on for the night, you did the rest."

*     *     *     *     *

Danielle was furious. "I was gonna wear that tonight!" She screamed at her brother dressed in half of her Alice in Wonderland costume. 
"The party is in like 20 minutes, Matthew!"
"I thought you already left, I thought you were going as a police officer." Matt stammered.
"Why are you wearing my Halloween outfit!?!"
"Danielle, I'm so sorry, I'll take it off right now and you can go to your party."
"Wait, are those my panties too!"
"Don't tell anyone about this, please... Hey, what are you doing with those handcuffs?"

*     *     *     *     *

Thomas felt shy and awkward.
"I thought I asked you not to watch." He said cutely.
"I know, I just wanted to make sure you were doing it right."
"Please don't look, I feel so silly."
"But you look adorable doing yoga in my underwear."

*     *     *     *     *

The door to the laundry room rocketed open so fast that Peter couldn't even cover his pantied butt before his sister snapped a photo. He ran out of the room in pursuit. 
He had to get the camera before she uploaded that picture to the internet. But as soon as Peter set foot in the hallway, six of his sister's little friends were standing, waiting, camera's raised.

*     *     *     *     *

"Hey, Erica, it's Danielle, I just had an idea, 
let's have the party at my house instead." Danielle said. 
"Ya, does that sound good? Okay. Let everyone know." After she hung up the phone, she winked at Matthew and closed the door behind her.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Cheerleader (Part II):

What happened next was all a blur to Brandon.

They were on him like a wolves to prey. There he was, a boy dressed in only a cheerleading skirt and bright pink panties. He was spoils from the victory. Trapped and afraid, wearing the enemies colors.

The OHS cheerleaders began to strip him right there in the middle of the gym.

Brandon was so tired of being tortured that he just gave up and let them dress him without a fight.

Terrified, he pulled on the light blue panties they threw in his face. Next, they tore off the black and orange outfit. One of the girls pulled at his hair which was tight on his head.

Brandon's head yanked backwards with the force before one of the girls kneed him in the stomach.

He fell to the ground.
This was much worse than the last group of girls.
They were violent with him and he began to cry in fear.

He balled up on the floor and the girls pulled and clawed at him, one girl even put a finger up his butt.
He was so scared that he peed his panties.

When the cheerleaders saw Brandon shaking in humiliation and terror, crying, wetting his panties, they let go of him.

One of the girls stepped forward. "Get up sissy." She said.

Brandon stood trembling, he pulled the light blue panties up and wiped the tears from his cheek.

"Put it on." The same girl demanded, tossing Brandon one of the blue OHS cheerleader outfits.

He, of course, did as he was told and then he was marched into a room behind the gym.
There were many mats and pads in this room and it was obvious that it was where the squad did they practices.

On the wall, Brandon noticed a sign, that read: CHEER TRYOUTS.

The leader of the cheerleaders watched him eyeing the sign. "What are you looking at sissy?" Brandon's eyes re-focused on his captors. "Do you want to join the cheerleading squad?"

Brandon didn't say anything.

"Well!?!" She screeched and grabbed his hair.

"Y-yes, please." Brandon whimpered.


Over the course of the night the girls, made Brandon perform all sorts of cheers and tumbles on the mats, when he felt tired they would hit him and when he messed up a routine, they would spank him.

He kept crying and the girls just laughed and made him roll over to spank him or put something up his butt.

Occasionally he screamed in terror but this didn't faze the cheerleaders, in fact, it just encouraged them.

Awhile later, many on the girls had left and there were only a few that remained to continue punishing
the poor little boy caught by the horrible squad.

Finally, the leader decided it was time to go get some sleep. They had another game tomorrow and she wanted everyone to have enough rest, even Brandon.

And just as quickly as they had come upon him, they left him.

The girls just got up and walked away. Out the door, one by one without another word.

Brandon pulled his panties back up over his butt and lay still on his stomach where they had left him.

He was so exhausted that he fell asleep right there.

The next morning, Brandon woke with a startle and realized where he was immediately. He smelled badly of sweat and urine.

He ran for the door. Locked.

He was stuck in the cheerleader's practice room.

Finally, later in the afternoon, the girls came back.
They took him down to the field where the game was about to begin.

One of the girls pointed to the area where they had put their bags down. "You should go change your underwear at least." She said with a frown.

Brandon walked over to the bags and pulled out a new pair of panties from one of the bags.

He walked over to the restrooms and was considering making a run for it when he realized that the entire cheer squad was watching and giggling.

Brandon went into the girl's bathroom to change his panties.

Then when he came out a few of the girls were waiting for him and they ushered him to the sidelines.

This was a big game with a big crowd.
There was no where to run now, so he fell in line with the rest of the girls.

Maybe some of that practice from last night would come in handy.
The buzzer rang, it was time for the halftime show.


The Cheerleader (Part I):

Brandon had been walking through the gym after school. He was late and didn't want to miss his bus so he decided to take a short cut through the girl's locker room which had a backdoor that led directly to the bus loop. As soon as he opened the door however, he knew he had made a mistake.

A group of girls were changing and chatting.

"This is such a big game." One of them said.

"Ya, I can't believe Lindsey is gonna miss it." Came another voice.

Then, just as Brandon saw the girls and turned immediately to leave, one of them shrieked.

"Ahhh! There's a boy in here!"

"I'm sorry. I thought no one would be in here." Brandon apologized still backing up towards the door.

"Get him!" a girl without a shirt on yelled.

In a flash four girls grabbed Brandon and dragged him into the center of the locker room.

"Well, well, well. It looks like we've caught ourselves a freshmen." A blonde girl said as she walked in front him, inspecting him. "Tie him up girls."

They did and Brandon was about to yell for help but one of the girls stuffed his mouth with a pair of panties she had been wearing that day.

The blonde came eye level with him, "My name is Lauren, I'm a senior and I'm the captain of the squad." She paused and Brandon didn't know what he was supposed to do so he nodded that he understood. "We're playing Olympia High School today and if we win, we'll be going to states." Brandon nodded again. "Now, one of the cheerleaders is out sick today..."

Brandon raised his eyebrows. He knew what she was about to suggest.

"So you're gonna be Lindsey for a day." She smiled and all the other girls laughed.

Why had he tried to cut through the locker room!?! He felt his heart pounding in his chest.
Girls moved on all sides of him, gathering make-up and pads to stuff in his bra.

Lauren told the rest of the girls to finish getting dressed and go get on the bus.
Then she and one other girl finished dressing Brandon. They took his gag out form his mouth and told him that as long as he didn't try to run or yell for help, they would untie him.

By this point, Brandon was terrified. He almost wet his pink polka-dotted panties, he was so scared. It had been so easy for the girls to overpower him. They were such a rowdy group that he was even worried for his physical safety. Brandon told himself to be calm and do whatever they told him to.

They led him to the bus that waited outside. It was an away game and OHS was on the other side of town.

Brandon climbed the steps of the bus slowly. When he got inside almost every girl was anxiously waiting to see how he looked.

"He's so precious!" 

"Can we keep him?" The girls cackled.

He sat down quickly in an empty seat and tried not to listen to the teasing.

"Lindsey," Lauren was addressing Brandon. He realized she was talking to him and looked up at her. "Lindsey, you need to sit in the back, the girl's aren't done with you yet."

"Okay" He said.

"Oh, and Linsey, close your legs sweetheart, we can all see right up your skirt."

Brandon's cheeks flushed and he got up and moved to the back of the bus.

The girls flocked around him as the bus took off.
They slapped his butt when he tried to walk the aisle to the last seat in the row. The bus was shaking and bouncing so much that he fell more than once.

"This was such a good idea!" One girl beamed with laughter when Brandon's panties shown to all the girls after a fall.

Another cheerleader said, "Yes, we should all thank Lauren for another successful moral booster!"

"Well, if you all like him so much, maybe we'll have to keep him as a good luck charm." Lauren agreed.

With that, all the girls cheered with excitement at the idea of having Brandon around for every game.

 They all patted Lauren on the back and even kissed her on the cheek for letting them keep him.

Then the attentioned turned back to Brandon and one of the girls chirped up, "Show us you're panties again!"

"Ya!" Came another.

Then slowly but surely a chant arose amongst the girls, "PANTIES! PANTIES! PANTIES!"

When Brandon refused two girls moved towards him threateningly. He tried to make a quick dash towards the front of the bus. 

There was no use, one of the girls grabbed his waist while another reached down the back of his skirt and gave him a big wedgie.

It hurt so bad that he crumpled to the floor. His panties still stretched high to the middle of his back.

Eventually, they made it to the game.
He sat on the end of the bench and hoped no one in the crowd would notice him.

To his surprise, Lauren didn't make him cheer. In fact all the girls became very serious and it seemed as though they had forgotten him once the game began.

He watched, humiliated as the game went on. His school lost by a lot and there was a sad vibe among the girls as they all headed back to the bus.

By now the opposing team was in celebration. 
Lauren gathered the squad around and gave them a pep talk. Finishing it with a joke, "And at least we got this out of this season." Pointing at Brandon.

"Does anyone have a camera?" A girl asked. "I want to get a picture with him."

Multiple cameras emerged and different groups of pictures were taken and some with just Brandon alone.

As the girls finished and the cameras slowly got put away, Lauren began to speak again. "But unfortunately it seems, our little mascot was actually more of a bad luck charm than a good luck charm."

The girls agreed and Brandon got a sinking feeling of impeding danger.

"So," She said, now looking directly at him, "We're gonna have to leave you here."

"No, no. Please don't. Don't do that." Brandon pleaded and wedged himself between two seats as firmly as he could.

The cheerleaders closest to him pulled him by the arms and more came in the following seconds to grab his legs.

It wasn't much effort with that many girls.

They carried him kicking and screaming off the bus and towards the school.

Inside the gym, the girls placed him down roughly and ran off, slamming the door behind them.

He stood up slowly. Trying to take in his surroundings in the dark.
The gym was big and the Olympia blue banners hung all around the room.

It felt good to finally be out of site. He knew he'd have to walk home, but at least the cheerleaders were gone.

He walked toward the big double doors at the back of the gymnasium. 
But just as he was walking past center court, the lights snapped on and he heard the voices of the OHS girl's coming in from their victory...


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Auburn Wig:

"Let me get this straight, you want me to put that wig on and dress up for you?" Ian asked.

Katie giggled, "Well, technically, I guess. But it's more than that."

"Ya, I heard the first part of it, I just wanted to get the logistics down."


"So the deal is, whatever I wear for you, you'll wear for me later?"


"I dunno. How long do I have to wear it? And what if..." But Katie was already walking towards her make-up drawer.

Ian sat on the edge of her bed with a puzzled look on his face.

"Come over here silly!" Katie lured him in.

"Nah, this is too much." Ian shook his head.

"Don't be such a baby, my sister said her fiance does stuff like this for her all the time."

"Well, we're not exactly getting married."

"I know, I just thought it'd be fun."

"No, I'm serious, let's go do something else Kit-Kat." He tried to sound calm and not as weirded-out as he felt.

"Ian," She stopped what she was doing and looked at him plainly, "If you don't do this, I won't go to prom with you."

Ian's eyebrows raised. Why was she so adamant about this strange game? He thought for a moment to himself before replying, "Whatever, I didn't want to go anyways. Why do they even have it for college students? Isn't prom only in high school?"

Katie quickly thought up a new plan. She began to take off her clothes. "Come on, take off your shirt."

Ian still sat motionless but he had to admit his interest in her experiment began to build, the more clothes she took off.

She walked across the room to him and took his arm. Pulling him from off the bed she unbuttoned his jeans.

Ian was getting excited. He helped her with his pants and threw off his shirt in a hurry.

Standing in front of her in his underwear he was ready to start fooling around.

"Take those off too." Katie said sternly, motioning to his boxers.

Now he was completely naked and he took a step towards her.

"Wait." She stopped him. "You need to shave first."

Ian was frustrated but she had already gotten him hot so he went into the bathroom.

After he finished shaving his face Katie looked him over and came up close to him. Her body wrapped around him and she whispered into his ear, "I want you to shave everything."

Ian thought it was a ridiculous request but maybe he could slip past her suggestive dress-up game if he did this for her instead. And so he did.

But when he finished, Katie just told him to close his eyes.

Again, he did as he was told. The prolonging was making him all the more excited.

Suddenly he felt something on his lips. At first he thought she was about to kiss him but soon realized it was something much much different.

Katie was applying pink lip gloss to Ian's lips.

Ian's eyes opened but instead of protesting, he just let her do it.

When she had applied it, she taught him how to pucker his mouth so the lip gloss would spread evenly.

He knew what was next. But he thought if he could just get through her games quickly then she would do something for him.

Katie placed the auburn wig gently on his head and pulled it tightly down.

"How cute!" She squealed.

"Let's just get this over with." Ian said, beginning to feel the first stage of complete humiliation.

Katie continued on with his make-up. And Ian sat very still for her. 

"Ugghh!" Katie exhaled, "You're gonna be the cutest girl ever!"

Ian felt butterflies in his stomach.

"Okay, all done! Let's go pick out some panties for you!"

And they did just that. Katie made Ian pick out his own pair. At first he kept saying "I don't care, you pick them..." But seeing as how that just wasn't going to cut it, he picked out a pair of LOVE PINK graffitied white cotton panties.

As he was slipping into them, he had a sudden shock and looked up at Katie with alarm and panic in his face. "What time does Melissa get home!?!"

"Oh, don't worry about her, she's gone for the next few days."

"Are you absolutely certain." Ian asked seriously.

"Ya, she's like the best roommate ever, she's never here and when she is here, all she does is clean." Katie reassured him.

"Here." Katie handed him a plaid micro-skirt.

He put it on quickly. Next, she gave him a pair of fish-net stalkings. He put them on a little bit slower and much more skepticly.

She gave him a shirt and some heels and began to get dressed herself.

Ian looked back over his shoulder at Katie after adjusting his clothes to fit more comfortably. She had a large grin on her face. 

"What are you laughing at?" Ian snapped.

Katie didn't respond. She just kept on grinning, which made Ian mad.

"Seriously, cut it out. And why'd you put you're clothes back on? I thought we were gonna..."

Before he could finish, Katie spoke up, "Ya. We are, I'm gonna go get us some dinner first though."

"What!?!" Ian barked, "And I'm just supposed to sit her dressed like this till you get back!?!"

"Or..." Katie said with a twinkle in her eye.

"No way. No way. There is absolutely no way I'm going outside like this."

"Suit yourself. I'll be back in a little bit."

With that, Katie grabbed the keys off the coffee table and went out of the living room, down the hallway and out the front door.

Ian was dumbfounded. He couldn't believe that after dressing up for Katie she didn't do anything for him. He began to get very angry. Then he calmed himself down and reassured himself that they would fool around when she got back.

And so there he was. Painted up, shaved, and dressed like a girl alone in Katie's apartment.

Time went by slowly and he began to get very bored. What was taking her so long?

He went back into Katie's room and opened her closet. He took off the white tank-top he was wearing and decided to switch it out for another that he found. It looked like this was the top that matched the skirt anyways, he thought.

Another 10 minutes went by and he finally heard the keys turn in the front door.
Ian left Katie's room in a hurry and walked through the living room quickly. He almost fell because of the heels. "What took you so long?" He called out to her.

There was no reply but he heard the door close and the sound of Katie carrying in grocery bags.

"I decided to trade out that white top for this one." Ian told her as he began rounding the corner into the hallway. "What do you think...?"

As he turned to show Katie the outfit, he made what would become one of the most terrifying discoveries of his life. Melissa was standing by the front door with her mouth wide open.

Ian stopped dead in his tracks.

"Ian?" She managed to ask after a long and awkward silence. "Is that you?"

"Uh. Hi, Melissa." Ian responded as he fiddled with his skirt.

"What... What are you doing? Is Katie here?"

"No she's... Well, I thought she went out to get dinner but it's been like an hour and..."

Melissa cut him off. "Why are you dressed like a slut?"

Ian felt the butterflies again. He had nothing else to say.

Melissa saw how pathetic he looked. He was so shy and adorable standing there caught by her. She noticed that he kept trying to pull down his tiny skirt so she couldn't see his panties.

"Well, you do look kinda cute." She said.

Ian's face brightened up. 

"Really?" he asked sheepishly.

"Ya, I mean, it's a little trashy but you kinda pull it off."

"Can I uh, help you with those bags?"

"Oh, don't worry about them, I wouldn't want a sissy like yourself to break a nail or something." She teased him.

Ian moved out of Melissa's way as she entered the living room. He stayed for a moment and took a deep breath. Trying to collect himself and salvage what little dignity he had left.

Melissa called to him from the kitchen. "Are you sure she went out for food?"

"Ya, that's what she said."

"That's so weird because we just talked a few hours ago and she told me to grab some food on my way home for the party."

"Par-party!?! What party?" Ian tried not to sound shocked.

"Oh, you didn't know? I just figured thats why you were dressed like that."

Ian came into the kitchen. "What do you mean?"

"Ya, it's Katie's sister's bachelorette party here tonight."

Things became soberingly clearer for Ian in that moment.

He turned and rushed into Katie's room. Careful not to trip from the high heels again. He lunged for his jeans. But in the same instant heard a knock at the front door.

Melissa yelled to Ian, "I think the girls are here. You might want to put something more silly on. They'll get a huge kick out of it."

Ian was frozen. He listened to the door open and the sound of at least a dozen women pouring into the living room. He didn't know what to do.

Soon, Melissa stuck her head in. "Everything alright in here?" She asked as if he shouldn't have a care in the world. "I've got this great black lingerie set you should wear tonight. Everyone will love it!"

An hour later Katie finally came home. She walked into the living room in a huff where all the girls were chatting. "Sorry I'm late, I had to pick up the cake and there was this crazy line."

She put the cake down on the coffee table and her eyes scanned to Ian sitting on the couch. He was burning a hole in her with his bitter glare. "Oh, how precious!"

Katie's sister spoke to her from the chatter, "Ya! He was so great, we made him give lap dances and all. What a doll! It's all too funny!"

The other girls laughed in agreement and Katie sat down and joined the party.

The only one not laughing was Ian.

The night went on and the girls made Ian dance and preform for them. They slapped his butt and made him pose for pictures.

It was the most humiliating night of Ian's life. 
That was until prom night...

"Please don't make me go inside dressed like this."