Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Cheerleader (Part II):

What happened next was all a blur to Brandon.

They were on him like a wolves to prey. There he was, a boy dressed in only a cheerleading skirt and bright pink panties. He was spoils from the victory. Trapped and afraid, wearing the enemies colors.

The OHS cheerleaders began to strip him right there in the middle of the gym.

Brandon was so tired of being tortured that he just gave up and let them dress him without a fight.

Terrified, he pulled on the light blue panties they threw in his face. Next, they tore off the black and orange outfit. One of the girls pulled at his hair which was tight on his head.

Brandon's head yanked backwards with the force before one of the girls kneed him in the stomach.

He fell to the ground.
This was much worse than the last group of girls.
They were violent with him and he began to cry in fear.

He balled up on the floor and the girls pulled and clawed at him, one girl even put a finger up his butt.
He was so scared that he peed his panties.

When the cheerleaders saw Brandon shaking in humiliation and terror, crying, wetting his panties, they let go of him.

One of the girls stepped forward. "Get up sissy." She said.

Brandon stood trembling, he pulled the light blue panties up and wiped the tears from his cheek.

"Put it on." The same girl demanded, tossing Brandon one of the blue OHS cheerleader outfits.

He, of course, did as he was told and then he was marched into a room behind the gym.
There were many mats and pads in this room and it was obvious that it was where the squad did they practices.

On the wall, Brandon noticed a sign, that read: CHEER TRYOUTS.

The leader of the cheerleaders watched him eyeing the sign. "What are you looking at sissy?" Brandon's eyes re-focused on his captors. "Do you want to join the cheerleading squad?"

Brandon didn't say anything.

"Well!?!" She screeched and grabbed his hair.

"Y-yes, please." Brandon whimpered.


Over the course of the night the girls, made Brandon perform all sorts of cheers and tumbles on the mats, when he felt tired they would hit him and when he messed up a routine, they would spank him.

He kept crying and the girls just laughed and made him roll over to spank him or put something up his butt.

Occasionally he screamed in terror but this didn't faze the cheerleaders, in fact, it just encouraged them.

Awhile later, many on the girls had left and there were only a few that remained to continue punishing
the poor little boy caught by the horrible squad.

Finally, the leader decided it was time to go get some sleep. They had another game tomorrow and she wanted everyone to have enough rest, even Brandon.

And just as quickly as they had come upon him, they left him.

The girls just got up and walked away. Out the door, one by one without another word.

Brandon pulled his panties back up over his butt and lay still on his stomach where they had left him.

He was so exhausted that he fell asleep right there.

The next morning, Brandon woke with a startle and realized where he was immediately. He smelled badly of sweat and urine.

He ran for the door. Locked.

He was stuck in the cheerleader's practice room.

Finally, later in the afternoon, the girls came back.
They took him down to the field where the game was about to begin.

One of the girls pointed to the area where they had put their bags down. "You should go change your underwear at least." She said with a frown.

Brandon walked over to the bags and pulled out a new pair of panties from one of the bags.

He walked over to the restrooms and was considering making a run for it when he realized that the entire cheer squad was watching and giggling.

Brandon went into the girl's bathroom to change his panties.

Then when he came out a few of the girls were waiting for him and they ushered him to the sidelines.

This was a big game with a big crowd.
There was no where to run now, so he fell in line with the rest of the girls.

Maybe some of that practice from last night would come in handy.
The buzzer rang, it was time for the halftime show.



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