Monday, December 1, 2014

Bad Boys Make the Best Good Girls:

Tiffany, Jess, and Michelle were walking home through the park when Michelle saw a boy from school skating with some friends. She had a big crush on him and she thought he was the coolest guy in their grade.

They went over to the bench where he was sitting.

"Hi...uh... Chris. What's up?" Michelle said nervously.

Chris looked up for a moment and then back to his friends who were still skating.

"Hey." He said, uninterested.

Michelle didn't know what else to say so her friends helped her out.

"What are you doing this afternoon?" Tiffany said.

Chris looked at the girls again and seemed irritated that they were still lingering around.

"I don't know, why?" He said.

Tiffany kept at him, "Well, my parents are out of town and Jess and Michelle are coming over to hang out. Michelle thought it'd be fun to invite you over too."

Chris thought for a minute before saying, "Can I bring some friends?"

Tiffany didn't like the idea, "How many?" She said.

"Nah." Chris said, "Forget about it."

"So you don't want to come over?" Tiffany asked.

"I don't know, what are we gonna' do?" He asked, still acting uninterested.

By now even Michelle was aggravated and just wanted to go home and hang out with her friends. "Are you coming or not?"

Chris stood up.
"I'm head'n out." He said to his friends, "I'll catch up with you guys later."

The four of them walked to Tiffany's house and as promised, the house was empty.
It looked like her parents had been gone for a few days because Tiffany's blankets and pillow were on the living room couch and her clothes were scattered all over the room.

When they arrived, Chris got comfortable and took off his sweatshirt and then went through the fridge.

Not long after, Tiffany took the other two girls back to her room and told Chris they'd be right back.

While they were in Tiffany's room, however, Chris found a pair of pink panties laying in the middle of living room on the wood floor.

Chris secretly liked to wear girls clothes and often would steal his sister's dresses and underwear.
When he saw the panties sitting there, and no one around, he knew he had to have them.

Chris bent down and took them.

Then he went into the bathroom, he couldn't resist.

Although his heart was beating furiously, he slipped off his pants and put on the adorable pink panties under his own clothes.

A few minutes later, he came out and found the girls in the kitchen.

They were talking to each other and without interrupting, Chris pulled up a chair and sat with them.

They sat and talked about school and Chris told them what he did when he was skipping school.
He told them he skipped school all the time, but it wasn't really true.

He could tell Michelle liked him but he acted like he didn't even notice her and as much as possible ignored her when she spoke to him.

The whole time he was acting like a real jerk and pretending he was a tough guy.

The other two girls saw that he was making Michelle feel bad.

Tiffany had enough and got up to go to her room again.

When she passed Chris, she saw something that made her hit the floor with laughter.

Her pink panties were sticking up out from the top of Chris' pants.

Everyone turned around to look at Tiffany in hysterics on the floor, even Chris.

She was laughing so hard, she was almost crying.

Jess, Michelle, and Chris could't understand what was so funny and waited eagerly for her to calm down enough to fill them in.

Finally, she said gasping between waves of laughter, "Chris!..." And more laughter, "Chris... Chris is a sissy!" And then she fell backwards laughing more.

The other two girls didn't know what she was talking about but Chris did.
Instinctively he reached his hand behind to his lower back to cover up what he could.

That was when the others saw what Tiffany had seen.

"Oh my god!" Michelle screamed out.
Jess too exploded with laughter. "He is! He is! What a little girl!" She squealed.

Chris got up and went for the door but before he could, Tiffany yelled out, "Stop him!"

Michelle tackled him to the floor hard and the other two quickly came to help her pin him down.

"Where do you think you're going sweetheart!" Tiffany said.

"Ya," Jess added, "Show us your panties."

And together the girls pulled Chris' pants down to his ankles.

They were tugging and pulling at his panties and although he struggled against them he was powerless to do anything but scream.

But even that too was put to an end soon enough.

Tiffany grabbed another spare pair of dirty panties that were laying nearby and stuffed them into Chris' mouth.

Tiffany told Michelle to go quickly into her room and grab a top and some make-up for their new play-doll.

Michelle no longer had a crush on Chris now that she knew he was a little sissy. She ran into the bedroom.

She picked out a strapless floral top and all the make-up she found on the dresser.

Back in the living room, they forced off the rest of Chris' clothes, leaving him naked except for the panties and then forced him into the top.

Jess painted his nails while Michelle did his make-up and Tiffany teased his hair.
All three girls were sitting on top of him so he could not escape.

Michelle's knees pinned down Chris' arms while she worked, applying the mascara.

About an hour later, they were finished.
The three girls let off him and Chris slowly rolled over as they stared at him grinning.

When he realized that they weren't going to hold him down any longer, he jumped up in a flash and raced for the door.

He got to it before they could catch him.

He went to turn the handle.

It was locked.
He was trapped in the apartment.

Chris turned around slowly to face the girls who were dying with laughter.

He had to think of another way out.
Then he thought to himself, "Maybe they're done, maybe they'll let me go now."

But when he turned around and was standing in front of the three girls, dressed only in the pink panties and flowery top, he knew this was only the beginning.
And he began to plead and beg.

"Please! Please let me go. You've had your fun. Let me go!"

But the girls just kept on laughing.

"Please!" He tried again. "Where is the key?"
Chris asked, holding out his hand.

The girls were laughing very hard by now and Chris stopped long enough to look down at what they had done to him.

"Oh shit." He said quietly to himself.

After seeing his feminized self, he began to get excited.
Then, the unthinkable happened...

Standing there in front of Tiffany, Jess, and Michelle, Chris began to get an erection. 
He tried to cover himself but it was too late.

All three had seen it and they were hurting with laughter.

Chris couldn't stop.
He began to rub himself and the girls watched in disbelief.
He was moaning and didn't care anymore that they were laughing.

Finally, he finished and creamed into his pink panties, reaching out to hold onto the dresser.

He couldn't believe what he had done but it was too late for all that. 

The three girls had trapped him and they had won. 
They had really won and now there was a stain on the crotch of his panties to prove it.

Chris stood up straight, looked at the girls, and asked with a hint of mischief, "Well, what else do you have for me to wear?"