Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Little Brother:

A few years ago, when Alex was younger, he had been caught wearing his sister Megan's clothes.

He was home alone and had tried on a red dress of hers because she was in the same grade and about his size.
He walked around the house for about an hour and had a lot of fun. As his two sisters drove up to the house they could see Alex from the window in the game room and parked quickly to find out what he was doing.

Megan was furious when they came inside and yelled and screamed at her brother.

"If I ever find a single piece of clothing out of place in my closet ever again, you'll regret the day you were born! I'll tell everyone at school what a little pervert you are!"

Alex's older sister, Kristen, had been there as well but she was calm and told Megan to go outside and that she would handle it.

Kristen hadn't gotten mad like Megan.

Quite the opposite really.

She made him sit down for a little talk and Alex was extremely embarrassed to be scolded while wearing a dress and panties.

But what she said surprised Alex very much.
She told her little brother that he looked cute and she even promised that she wouldn't tell Megan or their parents about it if he wanted to do it again.

Two years passed and Kristen began dressing Alex up when no one else was home. They always used Megan's clothes because Alex was still only 13 now and he fit well into her clothing. Alex had even grown his hair out a little bit longer and only Kristen knew the real reason behind the change.

They dressed him in many many different outfits.
Kristen would laugh and encourage Alex to be silly and sometimes they would even take pictures.

However, if they did take pictures they would quickly delete them after Alex got to look through them for fear that someone else would see and they'd both get into trouble.

Since Megan and Kristen shared a room, Kristen would sneak into Megan's closet and get clothes for Alex to wear.

She was always extremely careful to notice where everything went and to put the clothing back exactly where it had been. She even put the underwear in the exact same spot in the drawer.

Both Alex and Kristen knew how important it was to not get caught. So they agreed to stay away from the clothes that Megan wore often.

One day while Alex and Kristen were playing with a variety of outfits in the backyard, Kristen noticed a sudden change in Alex.
"What's wrong?" She asked.

Alex was wearing a short yellow sun dress.

"Nothing. I'm fine, why?" Alex replied.

"Well, your face just got really serious all of a sudden. Are you sure you're okay?"

They had been playing near the creek at the edge of the woods.

"I think I need to go inside." Alex said sternly.

"What? Why?"

"I have to go to the bathroom really really bad."

"Ahh, does the little gurl have to use the potty-wotty?" Kristen teased.

"I'm not kidding Kris."

"Then go! I'm not stopping you, you weirdo."

Alex turned towards the house started to run he heard when Kristen yell after him.

"But remember, we only have like 1 hour to play before mom and Meg come home."

Unfortunately Alex was in the bathroom for so long that he wasted their entire playtime. Kristen was kinda mad that he couldn't just have waited. But she eventually got over it.

The days went on and Kristen and Alex grew closer together through the secret they shared. And always were they careful and always did Kristen put the clothes back exactly how she found them.

 Not long after the creek incident, Alex and his older sister were in the backyard yet again.

They were having an exceptionally good time.

Alex was in rare form and he was posing for Kristen, crawling on all fours.

He was wearing a light blue t-shirt and a short skirt with teal panties.

Kristen had even found some jewelry for him to wear. Including a pair of big hoop earrings and one of her own necklaces.

Then, just like the last time, Alex's face became very serious.

Kristen knew what this meant now and she didn't even ask what was wrong.

"Do you have to go to the bathroom again?" She asked annoyed.

Alex nodded.

"Agghh. Well you're just gonna have to hold it. We only have a few more minutes to play."

Alex didn't say anything but Kristen knew he was uncomfortable. He wasn't acting as girly and silly as he had been.

He tried not to show it but even when he smiled it was forced and she could see in his face that he was concentrating very hard.

After awhile longer, he couldn't take it anymore, "Kris, my tummy really hurts."

"Oh, don't be a baby about it." She replied.

A moment later Alex doubled over and put his hand over his butt, "Oh no. No, no, no, no."

Then he took off running for the house before Kristen even knew what had happened. She chased after him and met him at the door to the bathroom. Alex was almost in tears.

Kristen was about to ask if he was alright but before she could open her mouth to find out what the problem was, she could smell the problem.

"Did you really just shit yourself!?!" Kristen asked in astonishment.

"What are we gonna do?" Alex whimpered.

"What do you mean! You're gonna take a shower, you nasty little girl!"

"No, I mean, Megan's gonna know that I was in her clothes when she this outfit goes missing."

"Don't worry about it, I'll wash everything."

"There's gonna be a stain in these panties though." Alex bent down and spread his legs to show his sister the mess. "Then she'll tell everyone. All my friends."

It smelt very bad and he was right, there was no way Kristen could wash those panties enough to get the stain out.

"Eww. Close your legs stinky." She said immediately.

Alex started to cry.

"Don't cry Alli, here give me the skirt to wash then get in the shower. Mom and Megan will be home any minute now."

Through his sniffling Alex manager to say "Okay."

"Then we'll just throw the panties out. She won't notice, I promise." Kristen assured him.

So Alex stripped down carefully so as not to get poop on anything else.

Before leaving, Kristen looked her little brother up and down standing there almost naked, "I can't believe you pooped your panties."

Alex couldn't believe it either.

He took off the panties, closed the door and hopped into the shower.

He cleaned himself off as best he could in a short period of time and then turned the water off. Outside the bathroom he heard voices, his mother and little sister were home.

He stepped over the poopy panties on the floor and grabbed a towel from the rack.
Just then there was a hard bagging on the door.

"Alex! Are you in there!?!" Megan's voice came from the other side of the door.

Without waiting for a reply she barged in and Alex bent down and scooped the soiled panties up as fast as he could, hiding them behind his towel.

"I need to use the bathroom." Megan demanded.

"Oh, okay. Sure let me get out of your way." Alex said sheepishly.

"Why are you taking a shower in the middle of the day anyways?"

"Oh uh..." Alex tried to slide past her without her seeing what was in his hands. His heart was racing and he was sure she could smell the panties.

"What are you hiding?" She blocked the doorway.

"Nothing." Alex said confidently.

"Then why are you holding the towel like that? What's in your hand?"

Alex tried to push past her but as he did she saw a strap of the teal panties.

Before he got away, she screamed and slammed the bathroom door.


Alex started to plead with her. "I'm so sorry, look it'll never happen again. I'll buy you more or something."

"Give them to me!"

Alex hesitated before he showed he the messy panties.

Megan shrieked with rage.

Just then Kristen came into the bathroom, "What's going on?"

Megan was a ball of fury and she could barely believe that her brother stole and wore her panties and even worse had an accident in them.

"I told you that if I ever caught you again I'd tell everyone!" Megan hissed.

"I think I have of a better punishment." Said Kristen.

Alex looked at his older sister shocked.

Megan was still starring right at Alex.

Kristen explained that they should make Alex wear girl's clothes every day. And when Megan was looking she gave him a little wink. After a long explanation of how humiliating it would be for him, Megan was not as mad. She agreed to the punishment only as long as Alex would do her chores as well.

The next day was heaven for Alex.
Not only were both of his sisters helping pick out an outfit for him, but he was allowed to be in Megan's closet. All he had to do was pretend like he wasn't enjoying himself.

The girls picked out a pink and grey dress that was far too short for Alex to wear.


He acted as shy and bashful as possible.
In reality however, he was having the time of his life.
Kristen provoked him as she had so many times before, "Let us see your thong Alli." And this time, Megan chimed in, "Ya, show us your thong little girl."

He proudly pulled up the back of his dress and showed of his panties.

The girls laughed and Megan thought the entire time that Alex was hating every minute of it.

He was so happy that Kristen had helped make the clothing decisions, after all this time, she knew exactly what outfits he liked the best.

He was content to stay do this all day.

And he would of but then his stomach got tight and he turned in panic to Kristen. 

A little fart squeezed out and he told the girls he had to go to the bathroom.

"Lex! You need to learn how to be a lady and hold that in!" Megan scolded.

Alex pulled his dress back down and hurried to the toilet.

More farts snuck out as he raced for the bathroom.

The girls made him keep the door open. Alex could hear them laughing and giggling and planning his next outfit. By the time he was finished in the bathroom, Megan told him it was chore time.

Alex went into Megan's room to change into his cleaning outfit.

He was very surprised to find that the clothes he was supposed to clean the house in were nothing more than a pair of pink panties and a pink polka-dot top.

He began to clean the kitchen and at first the girls just watched him mop. Eventually Megan got up from her chair and went to the other room to get a camera. 

"I gotta get this on record." She said as she left the room.

Alex looked at Kristen in astonishment. This was the first time they had been in the room alone together since before Megan had found out.

"This is prefect!" Kristen whispered.

"I know, I can't believe she thinks I'm upset right now!" Alex whispered back. 

However, he said it a little too loud because as Megan was coming back from retrieving the camera, she overheard their conversation.

"She has no idea, how much you're loving this." Kristen said.

Then they got quiet because they knew Megan would be back soon.

Megan was furious but she hid it well.
It was her turn to pretend and she acted well.

The days passed similarly to the first. Making Alex dress up, then making him do chores in just panties. All the while Megan was planning.

Megan decided to let Kristen in on the plan.

Finally, one afternoon while Alex was cleaning Megan asked if Kristen would take her out driving to practice for her license. Kristen agreed and according to plan suggested that Alex to come with them too.

He agreed on the condition that he would stay in the car. It was safe, he thought, if Kristen invited me.

So they dressed him up in daisy dukes, a blue and white tank top with red straps, and a hot pink thong.

They drove to a parking lot and Alex immediately recognized the location.

"What are we doing here?" Alex protested.

"I'm just learning to drive." Megan answered.

"Ya, but this is where all of my classmates go to hang out after school." 

And Alex was right. Next to the parking lot was a basketball court filled with 8th graders.

Megan smiled an evil smile. "Well in that case, You should go play with your friends."

"No way! You promised me I could stay in the car!"

"Oh thats right. we'll be right back then." Megan and Kristen got out of the car and began walking to the courts.

Alex couldn't believe his sisters had tricked him.

There was no where to run or escape to.

He quickly ducked down beneath the windows.

 His heart was ponding so fast. If he was spotted, his life was over.

He weighed his options, but didn't have many. Maybe they wouldn't recognize him.

After all, he looked a lot like a girl.

But then, he heard Megan's voice, "Hey, do you all want to see a boy dressed like a girl!?!"

Then he heard laughter.

"No really, he's over in that car." Megan continued. "I think you might know him too!"

Then she pointed in the direction of the car and Alex tucked his head down. He wanted to die.

With his face down he spotted something. A last glimmering hope. The keys to the car.

He sat up so quick that the button on the front of the shorts broke and popped off.

The mob of kids was getting closer and closer.
He didn't see Megan or Kristen with them but it didn't matter, he had to get out of there.

He pulled the seat up and was about to put the key in the ignition when the drivers side door swung open and Megan was standing there.

"Give me the keys."

Ashamed and defeated, Alex did as he was told.

The crowd gathered and one of the girls called out first, "It's Alex!"

Alex was too humiliated to look at all the faces but he knew, standing in front grinning, was Megan, she had done as she had promised, she had told everyone.

And just when Alex thought it couldn't get any worse, he heard Kristen from somewhere in the crowd say, "Let us see you're thong Alli!"