Wednesday, July 9, 2014

ONE SHOTS: (vol. 4):

ONE SHOTS: (vol. 4)

*     *     *     *     *

Kyle's new girlfriend was worried he would sleep around behind her back, so for the last month she had made him wear her underwear whenever he left the house. This ensured that he wouldn't get into trouble or be tempted. But one night, after work, he had a few drinks too many and went home with a girl from the bar. It was too late by the time he remembered he was wearing his pink panties and black bra.

*     *     *     *     *

Mike only had female friends growing up. Over the years he had secretly envied not being able to do girly things with them and so one day he asked Beth to let him officially join them in a girl's night out. Of course, Beth was thrilled. They curled his long hair and found the perfect black cocktail dress for him to wear. Beth was so sweet to him throughout the entire process but couldn't help letting out a little giggle when she saw how small his penis was tucked into her black thong panties.

*     *     *     *     *

When senior portraits came, Rick could not believe his mom was going through with her threat. He hadn't picked his grades up and so, to his utter horror, she had let the next-door neighbors dress him up for the yearbook pictures. How humiliating, the entire senior class would have a permanent reminder of what a sissy he was.

*     *     *     *     *

As they had done many many times before, the girl's had seduced a guy they picked up at the bar and begun the sissification process. This one didn't seem too hard to break, within the hour he would be shaved head to toe, put into a frilly dress and panties, then shoved back out onto the street.

*     *     *     *     *

"Okay... I got it."
"Show me, you little sissy bitch."
Scott lifted his Barbie Girl shirt to reveal his new bellybutton ring.
"Can I please change out of this stuff now? This mall is so crowded."
"That depends."
"On what!?"
"Did you get that cute boy's number who was checking you out?"
"Wha-what cute guy?"
"Ha-ha, so that's a yes!"

*     *     *     *     *

Nicolas was trying to sneak out of the house. But he heard his parents in the living room.
What were they still doing awake? He slipped into the bathroom and tried to wait them out. It seemed like forever he was waiting quietly in there.
He heard movement. Finally! Just a few more minutes.
Then, to his terror, someone came in and the bathroom light flipped on.
"Uhh... hi daddy."

*     *     *     *     *

Leo sent an email from his phone to what he thought was his own personal e-mail. 
He was proud of how cute he had made himself and wanted to remember it later.
But a few minutes later, the replies started pouring in. 
"Oh god no..." He thought, realizing he had made a big mistake.

*     *     *     *     *

James couldn't hold back the tears. His sister had forced him to dress like a girl and then threw a surprise party at their house. Everyone from their school was there and they all were laughing at him.

*     *     *     *     *

Luke was trying to seduce his sister Emily's boyfriend, but should have done a better tuck job. He was sure to show it to Emily and then Luke would really be in trouble.

*     *     *     *     *

Chris had been caught wearing his roommates clothes and now was in big trouble.
Carla immediately pulled him over her knee and began to teach him a lesson.


Surprise Birthday Skype:

It was Amber's 21st Birthday.

She was out celebrating with her friends but was feeling sad because she had just learned the week before that her jerk of a boyfriend Derek had been cheating on her.

Holly was Amber's best friend.

She was tall and blonde and sexy and she could easily get any guy she wanted.

Holly hated seeing Amber so down and wanted to cheer her up very badly.

So she came up with a plan to give Amber the best birthday present ever.

The Skype call was due any minute.

A few days ago, Holly had "accidentally" run into Derek at the gym. That night she had taken him home with her and seduced him. Before they made it to the bedroom however, she told him to dress up in some of her clothes. Derek didn't want to and when Holly insisted, he left without getting to sleep with her.

Holly had also been disappointed because she had planned on giving Amber photos of Derek dressed up like a sissy for her birthday.

As luck would have it though, the very next day, Derek called Holly and told her he would do anything to be with her.

And so Holly sent over something for Derek to prove that he meant what he said with specific instructions that he was to Skype her at 5:00PM wearing what was in the box.

Without fail, Derek did as he was told.

Wearing the wig and panties and heels and maid's dress, he signed into Skype and with his heart racing, messaged Holly.

When the call came through at dinner, Holly pulled Amber aside and they answered together.

Derek was leaning back, giving a nice upskirt panty shot to the camera when the two girls turned on the camera. It took him a minute to realize that Holly wasn't alone.

"My my!" Amber said, saving a few screen grabs, "What a pretty little sissy you've found!"

Derek sat up as quick as he could and went to turn off the call.

Holly stopped him saying, "It's too late sweetie. If you don't want us to show these pictures to anyone, tell Amber happy birthday."

Derek wanted to cry. He was caught and he knew it.

He was going to have to do whatever the two girls said.

There was no doubt in his mind that Amber hated his guts and wanted to humiliate him, but what other choice did he have?

"H-happy, ha-happy birthday, Amber." Derek managed.

"Good girl," said Holly, "Now tell her she looks pretty."

"Y-you look really pretty Amber."

"Thanks!" Said Amber, "So do you!"

The two girls went back to the table where the rest of their friends were.

Amber took the phone with her when she sat down.

Derek began to get anxious when he heard many voices of people he knew.

"Hey little girl, stay on the line okay? We're about to order our food..."

The waiter came and Amber put the phone face down on the table.

All the while, Derek was sitting on camera wearing make-up and panties and a skimpy maid's dress.

He waited what seemed like an eternity.

Finally, he got up and decided to turn off the camera, but just as he went towards the computer, he heard Amber's voice.

"Hey girl's check out what Holly got me for my birthday!"

Before he could stop it, Holly's screen appeared again and he was staring a room full of girl's in the face.

Derek ended the call.

But he knew it was too late...

The next morning, Holly took Amber out for breakfast.

Amber couldn't be happier.

The two best friends were laughing and scanning through the screen captures they had taken of Derek from the night before.

Suddenly, a FaceTime call came through on Holly's phone.

When Holly saw the number, she handed the phone to Amber.

"You are the best friend I will ever have." Amber said with a giant grin.

"I know." Said Holly.

She picked up the Skype call to find her new sissy playmate waiting.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Swimming Pool:

James had slept over at his girlfriend Megan's house.
They were Juniors in High School and just beginning to explore relationships in the bedroom.

Megan's parents were split up but they still lived in the same town to share joint-custody of their daughter. She spent 3 days a week with her dad and 4 days with her mom.

Since her father was found guilty of infadelity, Megan's mom won a large settlement and moved into a new 6 bedroom house with two garages and a pool.

Needless to say, Megan liked spending time at her mom's new place more than her dad's new apartment. To make the deal even sweeter, her mom was out of town a lot and so even on days when she was supposed to be with her dad, she told him she was sleeping over at a friend's and got the entire place to herself.

This is how, James and Megan got to be together, uninterupted, or nearly uninterupted as it turned out for the entire weekend.

The two had had a magical Friday night and were still glowing the next morning.
Feeling frisky, Megan suggested they should spend the entire day naked. James agreed seeing as how her mom wasn't due home for another day, and it would lead to some more fun.

The morning went according to plan but around mid-day the couple realized they had nothing left to eat in the house. And so reluctantly Megan decided to make a quick run to the grocery store.

"Now, now." James said jokingly, "The deal was we'd do everything naked."

Megan laughed and added, "Just because I have to put clothes on to go out for a bit doesn't mean you can."

She threw on some panties and a skirt and top, saying, "I expect you to be just as you are when I come home."

They kissed and Megan left in a hurry to get the shopping done quickly.

James looked around the living room for something to fill the void of time.
He thought about watching T.V. but then, through the window remembered Megan's mom had a pool.

Without hesitation, he went outside and jumped in.
The water felt great and refreshing.

He swam a few laps before hearing the garage door open around the side of the house. He thought this was weird as Megan usually just parked in the driveway but thought it must be easier to get the groceries in through there.

He hopped out of the pool but hadn't remembered to bring a towel out with him, so instead, James walked to the sliding glass door and called inside, "Hey sweetie, I'm out back but I forgot to bring a towel, can you grab me one?"

There was no response but to his utter horror, Megan's mom walked around the corner with her phone up to her ear and mouth completely a-gape. "I'm gonna' have to call you back..." She trailed off and put the phone down.

James covered himself. He was standing, sopping wet halfway in the door, naked except for his sandals in front of Megan's mother.

"Uhm.. I can explain." He stuttered.

"Where's Megan?" She damanded.

"She went out, we..."

Again he was cut off, "Where are your clothes!?"

James tried to think quick, "You see what happened is that Megan went out and... and I wanted to go swimming, but I didn't bring a bathing suit... so I thought I'd be real quick and..."

Megan's mom lost her scowl and a maniacle smile came over her face. "You didn't have a bathing suit you say?"

"Y-yes mam'."

"Well I'm sure you could have borrowed one of my daughters, couldn't you?"

James was shocked by the sudden shift in tone, "I could have what?"

"Borrowed one, silly boy. There's plenty lying around in her room. Just go grab one of those." She smiled again and James felt a nauseous feeling grow into his stomach.

"No, I think I'm all done swimming now." He said.

"I said go get a bathing suit!" She almost screamed at him.
James was so terrified, he had forgotten he was soaked and ran into the house obediently.

In Megan's room his heart was racing.
"This is insane! What am I doing?" He thought to himself as he searched as fast as he could for one of Megan's swimsuits.

He found heaps of bikinis in one of the drawers in her room.

Digging through them to find the least revealing swimsuit, James called down to Megan's mother, "You know I think I really have to be going now."

There was no reply.

He went to find his own clothes but heard a voice behind him in the doorway.

Megan's mom had followed him up the stairs.

"See, I knew she had plenty of extras for you. Go ahead, put it on." She said calmly.

James was scared. He knew he was in big trouble and just wished Megan would show up to straighten everything out.

"I said PUT IT ON!" She yelled at him.

James struggled to find the correct leg holes for the bottoms. Finally, he pulled the pink and white flowered bikini bottoms up his legs.

Megan's mom could't hide her amusement.
"You know what, I could use a little relaxing pool time too."

"I really don't feel like swimming." James reaffirmed.

"That's fine with me," she said, "We can just lay out in the sun. You know, catch some rays, as the girl's say. We'll wait for Megan to come home out there."

James' heart was in his stomach.

A few minutes later he was outside again. Laying on a towel by the pool.

Megan's mom was watching him with great amusement from her chair near the house.

She enjoyed humiliating the boy and couldn't wait to see her daughter's reaction when she came home.

James tried to burry his face in the towel. He was so embarrassed, displayed in his girlfriend's bikini in front of her mom.

"Oh, Jamie!" Megan's mom said after they had been out for a few minutes, "You really should turn over. Wouldn't want you to get too much sun in one spot."

James didn't respond. He just wanted this all to be over.

He knew if he rolled over, then he would be totally exposed.

When there was no reply, Megan's mom said, "Be a good girl and turn over for me."

She was having so much fun, she could hardly contain herself.

Silently and sheepishly, James rolled up onto his side as he heard Megan's car pull into the driveway.