Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Adopted Sister:

Sean had been in and out of foster care for most of his life, so when a stable family of 7 adopted him, he was ecstatic.

When he arrived at the house for the first time he was in shock. Their home was large and beautiful with a big front yard. The car pulled into the driveway and on the front lawn sat 4 girls.

"Girls! Come here, I want you to meet Sean." said Mr. Dunn.

Mr. Dunn had 4 beautiful daughters that still lived in the house and one already in college. He had been unable to have a boy and though he loved his daughters greatly was very excited to have Sean in the house.

The girls smiled and greeted him one by one before they all went inside. Sean followed Mr. Dunn upstairs to a bedroom at the top of the stairs.

"You'll be staying in this room with Tiffany until she moves her belongings into Summer's room." Mr. Dunn explained. "Mrs. Dunn will be home in a few hours and we will eat dinner then."

With that, he left Sean alone in the room and closed the door for privacy.

Sean got settled and unpacked all of his things. He looked at the time and realized there was still a long while before he needed to go downstairs. So Sean decided to snoop around in Tiffany's room.

First he went through her panty drawer and grabbed a pair of black and white stripped ones with a tiny pink bow on the hip to try on later. Next he opened her desk. But just before he picked up what looked to be a diary, there was a knock at the door. Sean quickly closed the desk and stood up as Tiffany entered the room.

"Hey, sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." Tiffany apologized.

"Oh don't worry about it. It is your room." Sean joked.

"Well, I guess it's our room for the next few days," she smiled at him, "Did you get settled in okay?"

"Ya." he answered quickly.

"Great!" She turned to leave but stopped, "Hey, me and the girls are gonna watch a movie after mom and dad go to bed, your welcome to join us."

"Sure, sounds great." Sean said.

That night, after dinner the girls selected a movie to watch and put some popcorn in the microwave. Sean sat on the couch in between some of his new step sisters but was beckoned into the kitchen by Tiffany.

"Hey Sean, how tall are you? Can you grab this bowl above the fridge for me?"

Sean said, "Excuse me." To the other 3 girls in the living room and went to get the bowl down for Tiffany. As he was reaching for it, his shirt lifted up and revealed his waistline. Tiffany almost screamed when she saw that Sean was wearing her panties.

Sean grabbed the bowl but by the time he turned around Tiffany was in the other room. He poured the popcorn into the bowl and carried it into the living room oblivious that he had been found out.

The girls made room on the couch but they were giggling now and Sean could feel the difference in the room. Before the movie began Summer sat up and turned to Sean.

"Did you want to put on something more comfortable before we start the movie, Sean?" Summer smirked.

"Uh, no, I'm okay." Sean replied.

"Are you sure?" She prodded, "I bet Tiffany would let you wear something if you asked her."

Sean's face turned red and he blushed more than he ever had before. The other girls began to laugh and Tiffany spoke up.

"Ya, Sean. All you have to do is just ask." She winked.

Sean realized he had been caught and tried to think of an escape. It was too late, Tiffany and Summer grabbed his arms while the other girls pulled off his pants. It was true, he was wearing Tiffany's panties. The girls burst into laughter and the younger two jumped up.

"I'll get the lipstick!" One said as she was already halfway upstairs.

Instead of watching a movie that night, the girls made Sean into an honorary new sister.

When the other girls had had their fun and went off to bed laughing, Tiffany crept over to Sean's bed and lifted up the sheets. Sure enough, there he was, painted up and girly. She laughed again when she saw him.

"I just wanted to see my new sister one more time before I went to bed." She joked.

Sean tried to pull the covers back down to hide himself but she just pulled them back up again.

This was the most humiliating thing he had ever experienced and he knew it was only the beginning.

"Goodnight my cute princess." Tiffany said. "Tomorrow we'll have lots of fun."

With that she turned out the lights and went to sleep.

The next morning Mr. and Mrs. Dunn had left for work before anyone else was awake. Sean had only slept a little and in the middle of the night had taken off all the clothes the girls had put him in. Since he had not slept during the night, he was fast asleep in the morning and woke only when the chatter of the sisters was very loud. They were all there in Tiffany's room, going through the closets and picking outfits for their new sister to wear.

Sean opened his eyes and looked around the room.

His nightmare wasn't a dream. There was make-up and clothes and panties scattered across the entire room.

Summer noticed him first. "Well hello sleepyhead. Looks like you took your pretty clothes off in the night. Thats okay, we've got plenty more for you."

Sean's stomach sank.

"Well, get your but out of bed!" Summer yelled as she ripped the sheet off of him, exposing his naked body.

He sat up immediately and tried to cover himself with his hands.

"I said get up and put these on!" Summer demanded as she threw a pair of panties at him.

Sean quickly put them on and the girls laughed at how quickly he did what he was told.

They gave him a blue dress to wear and brought him downstairs for breakfast. He helped cook at first and every time one of the girls walked behind him, they pinched his butt.

One time, as Tiffany pinched him, he dropped a plate and Summer was so upset that she made him literally sit in the corner of the kitchen in time-out.

He did as he was told and once again the girls all laughed at how easy it was to get him to do as they wanted.

The girls finished making breakfast and told Sean he could sit with them to eat.

He had said nothing all morning but the other girls didn't seem to mind.

After breakfast, Summer said it was time to get changed again and Sean obediently went upstairs.

This time the girls put him in a yellow sweater and began to look for a skirt for him to wear.

While the other girls searched, Tiffany came over to where Sean stood. "Your awful quiet today Sean." She said.

Sean just nodded his head.

"I bet I can do something about that." Tiffany jeered.

Sean didn't know what she meant by the statement but didn't really care. He had been laughed at and humiliated enough, nothing they could do now would make it any worse.

As those thoughts were swimming in his mind, Sean suddenly felt a hand grab the waistband of his panties and pull. Tiffany was behind him and gave him a wedgie. She pulled the panties so hard and so fast up his butt that Sean couldn't help but scream in pain.

The other girls turned to see what the commotion was all about just as Tiffany let go and Sean fell to the floor. The all broke into hysterics as they saw the giant wedgie Tiffany had given Sean in her panties.

The days went on like this. Eventually the girls bought Sean a wig and dressed him for when they went out of the house as well. He no longer took off the clothes at night and on occasion picked out his own panties to wear.

Sean was a quiet and obedient girl and his sisters loved to dress him up more than anything else in the world.


Monday, December 20, 2010

"Are you serious?":

Eric loved living with his girlfriend. As long as he knew exactly when she was coming and leaving, it was like having an entirely new wardrobe. He was in the shower when Julie peaked her head into the bathroom to say goodbye.

"I'll be back in 3-4 hours, then we can go out for dinner." She said.

"Sounds perfect!" Eric replied through the steam of the hot water.

As soon as Julie closed the door, Eric turned the shower off and hoped out.

He wrapped a towel around his head and went straight for the make-up.

By now, Eric was methodical. He had done this routine so many times it felt almost as natural as getting ready to go out dressed as a boy.

He finished the lipstick and eyeliner in no time at all and put on the wig he kept hidden in the closet. He slipped into a pair of Julie's black panties and her white lacy bra.

They lived on the 15th floor so he could open the curtains and let in plenty of light but still maintain privacy. He was starring out the window in the bedroom when he heard Julie's voice coming back into the apartment.

"I'm back! Come here real quick..." Her voice trailed off. She must have seen the clothes laid out in the living room.

Eric's heart was racing. There was no way he could get back into the bathroom without directly passing Julie.

"...Eric? Where are you? Why are my clothes everywhere?" she continued as she moved into the hallway and towards the bedroom.

She turned the corner and found her boyfriend standing by the window in her underwear. Before she could say anything, Eric spoke up.

"I can explain..."

Julie closed her mouth and smiled. "No need."

Eric was confused and covered himself.

She explained, "I've realized my clothes have been moved around and my panties misplaced recently. I figured you've been going through my stuff and set up a fake appointment today to see if I could catch you."

Eric looked at her sheepishly, "Are you mad?"

Julie was searching for something in the underwear drawers. "Nope, not really. Here, put this on." She tossed him a bra with pink polka dots.

Eric was confused but put it on, as he turned around Julie was focusing the camera lens as she spoke to him.

"Smile Erica!"

"Stop! What are you doing!?!" Eric pleaded.

Julie just laughed at him and kept taking pictures.

"I said stop, Julie, I don't want anyone to see me like this!"

"I know."

"Then what are you doing!?!" he asked.

"Little girl..." Julie teased, "I'm black mailing you, duh."

Eric put his hand down and took in what his girlfriend was saying.

"Well, what do you want from me?" Eric demanded.

"You're gonna be my new girlfriend." Julie giggled with delight.

Eric sat on the bed and tried to cover himself up with the blankets. Julie just followed him however, and kept taking his picture.

"Aww, don't be shy Erica." Julie said, "Let's get you dressed."

"Julie, quit it, I'm done. I don't want to do any more."

"Little girl, you get up this instant or I'm going to post these pictures to your facebook account." Julie reminded him.

"Fine, fine. I'm getting up."

For the rest of the afternoon, Julie dressed Eric in different outfits and took extensive pictures of him in each of them. He was completely humiliated.

After awhile Eric wondered if there would be an end to all the outfits she kept putting him in. But he didn't say anything until Julie began to accessorize.

Putting Eric in a fancy cocktail dress, Julie then grabbed a pair of cute bunny ears that she had used for Halloween.

Eric was exhausted by all the clothes and all he could manage to say was, "Are you serious?"

Julie recognized how tired he was, "Okay, this is the last one."

He took off the dress and was about to take off the pink tank top he was wearing underneath but Julie stopped him.

"Nope," she said, "You're wearing that to bed."

Eric didn't even try to argue, he was so tired. He got into bed and let Julie take a few last photos.

He couldn't believe what a crazy day he had just had. Although he hated the idea that anyone else would find out about his cross-dressing, Eric did think it was amusing that most of the clothes Julie has made him wear, he had worn before.

He curled up on the bed in the pink tank top and pink socks and panties and before too long was fast asleep.

Julie however, was not asleep. She was emailing everyone they knew and sending lots and lots of folders.

It was ironic that Eric slept so peacefully that afternoon. He was so tired he didn't even get under the covers.

The next day, Julie informed Erica that it was time to go out. Eric protested but Julie reminded him that he couldn't be trusted to stay in the apartment alone anymore. "Besides," she said, "I already showed all of our friends those pictures from yesterday."

Eric had nothing else to say.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Locked Out:

"LET ME IN RIGHT THIS INSTANT!" Alex was panicked.

His 14 year old sister had locked him out of the house and he wasn't happy about it.

"YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE LITTLE GIRL!" He shouted at the window where Sara watched and laughed.

"Actually, I think you're in trouble... little girl."

Sara had known Alex liked to cross-dress. He did it around the house often when their parents were gone. She also knew Alex sometimes would steal her panties and so she liked to get back at him whenever an opportunity arose.

She watched her brother try all the locked doors around the house. He was so angry at her but Alex knew that there was no way he was getting inside unless he was nice to his little sister.

"Pllllllleeeeaaaassssseee let me back in the house, Sara. Mom will be home anytime." Alex was getting desperate.

"Say, 'I'm a little dirty girl.'" Sara jeered.

"I'm a little dirty girl." Alex quoted the line back to his sister.
He was wearing a short plaid skirt, a shoulder-less black top, and big high-heeled boots. Sara was having too much fun.

"Say, 'I'm a sissy baby girl.'"

"I'm a sissy baby girl."

A car rolled past up the street past their house. Alex hid and Sara laughed from the window.

"Please Sara, I'll do anything."

"I know you will." Sara giggled, "That's what makes this so much fun."

"What do you want then?" Alex asked.

"Let me see those cute panties!"

Alex's heart skipped a beat as he realized exactly what panties he was wearing.
Sara had pulled out the videocamera and she had already begun recording.

"No!" Alex yelled back.

He had forgotten until that moment that he was wearing a pair of Sara's blue panties with a black lace trim. She was going to be so mad at him.

"Let me see your panties and I'll let you back inside." Sara told him.

Reluctantly, Alex pulled up on the edges of the skirt and then immediately threw the skirt back down.

"No no, I didn't see them." Sara said with the videocamera in her hands.

Slowly, this time, Alex revealed the panties and held the skirt to his stomach.

"I knew it!" Sara screeched, "You're so gross, those are my panties!"

"Let me in now!" Alex attempted a poorly timed diversion.

"Ya right!" Sara made sure to capture close-ups of her panties so she could show her friends. She even made sure to get a shot of the tiny little blue flower on the middle of the waistband.

 "Come on, it's getting cold and I have to pee really badly."

"Turn around and let me see your ass!" Sara told him.

"What? Why?" Alex asked defeatedly.

"I want to cover all the angels." Sara laughed.
Alex realized that there was no way that Sara was planning on letting him back in the house now that she'd seen he was wearing her panties.

He had to come up with another plan, and fast. It was now very cold out and he was honestly did have to pee.

Walking over to the side door, Alex contemplated breaking a window. What would be worse, he thought, getting in trouble for wearing my sisters panties or for breaking a window?

He decided against it.

"Okay," Sara began, "I promise to let you in if you show the camera your pantied ass."

"Fine!" Alex said. "But then you have to let me in."

He bent down and pulled the skirt up one last time.

Sara squealed with laughter. "Your the dirtiest little girl ever Alexa!"

Alex stood and adjusted his skirt.

He heard the front door open and hurried around the corner to get there. But before he reached the front steps, it slammed shut again and all that was waiting for him was a girl's knit sweater.


"Don't get your panties in a bunch." Sara replied, "Mom's home now and she has a key."

Alex turned and saw the headlights pass over him as the car parked in the driveway...


This Particular Girl is David:

Boy meets girl. Girl really likes boy. Boy really likes girl.
Boy takes girl on a first date. Girl brings boy back to her apartment.
Boy sleeps over. Girl has class early in the morning. Boy sleeps in.

This particular boy is David.
What the girl doesn't know is that this is also David.

In the morning David wakes up and lies in bed for a moment. He thinks about what a great night he had  and smiles to himself. David looks around the room and sees a hamper in the corner. He gets up and walks over to it, opens the lid and begins to sift through the laundry. He finds a cute pair of pink panties with ladybugs on them. As he is stuffing them into his pocket he hears a voice from behind him.

"Umm... What are you doing?"

Startled, the boy doesn't know what to do and he throws the underwear back into the laundry basket. David turns to face the female voice standing behind the green doorway. She is blurry eyed in the hallway and smiling.

For a moment, David wonders if she saw him going through the dirty laundry.

She leans on the frame of the door and begins to tease the strange boy in her roommate's bedroom. "If you're going to take panties, you might as well take a clean pair from the drawer."

"No, thats...uhh...not what I was looking for." David stammered.


"No." he continued. "I was looking for my...uhh...shirt."

"You mean the shirt you have on."

"Oh, uh. Haha. Ya, I thought I had brought another one too."


David didn't know what else to say. She had obviously caught him and was now just standing in the doorway watching him squirm.

After a long uncomfortable pause the girl spoke again, "Well, I'm gonna make some coffee. Do you want some?"

"No, I really gotta go. I'm actually late already."

The girl just smiled and watched as David gathered his things and put his shoes on in a hurry. He rushed passed her and before the door closed behind him she could barely call out, "It was nice to meet you."

The next day, David got a text.

"I'm having a few friends over tonight and was wondering if you could stop by."

David quickly texted back, "Ya, I'd love to!" At the risk of seeming overeager.

"Great, wear something nice, see you at 6."

David couldn't help but wonder if her roommate had said anything about him.
He was not looking forward to seeing the roommate again, but he was very excited about a second date and wasn't going to miss the opportunity. He figured he'd wear a tie. He could always take it off if it was too formal.

He walked up the front steps of the apartment complex at precisely 6:05 PM and rang the buzzer. He wasn't wearing anything too over the top, a white button-up with a red stripped black tie. 

He heard a voice coming from inside and footsteps approaching the door. "Just a second."

The door opened. It was Haley. "Oh, hey you. I didn't catch your name yesterday."

"Ya, it's David."

"Well David, I'm Haley...come on in."

David walked inside and passed Haley. As he passed her she slapped him on the butt and it startled him. He looked at her sharply and she returned a knowing look. He decided not to comment on it. In the kitchen no one was waiting for him, the living room was empty as well.

"Where is everyone?"

"Oh. I forgot, there was supposed to be a party tonight, huh?" Haley answered smartly.

"Where is..." David got cut off before he could finish.

"Ya, she's studying late at school."

David was confused, why had he been invited over if she wasn't even here.

"Oh but she left this for you." Haley handed David a bag.

David opened it and his stomach dropped. Inside were the pink ladybug panties.
He looked up and met eyes with Haley.

"Don't worry, I didn't tell her anything."

David had never been so humiliated in his life, he turned to leave but Haley blocked his path.

"But... if you wanna have a little fun..." she winked at him.

David was aggravated, "Please get out of my way."

"Aww, come on it'll be so great!" Haley continued.
She took the bag out of his hands and began to dangle the ladybug panties in front of his face.

Slowly his anger began to dwindle as a hint of a smile crept across his face.

"Yay!" exclaimed Haley. "Wait right here!"

In less than an hour, Haley had completely transformed David. And she was right, it was great. 
He had shaved and she had given him a long brown wig and painted his fingernails.

Once all the make-up was on, they went out to the side-alley to take what Haley called 'Glamour Shots'.

David was reluctant at first to have his picture taken. But she assured him that no matter what it'd be their little secret.

Haley kept trying to get a shot of his panties but David was still too shy.
Finally, Haley made a deal with him, "If you let me photograph you in those panties, then we can do another outfit. How does that sound?"

David thought about it for a moment and decided he had come far enough in this game, might as well go all out.

He lifter his shirt and showed off his purple panties with the title "Adorable" printed on the crotch. Haley snapped the photo.

Soon they were out front of the apartment building and David had slipped into a striped yellow tank top and a short white skirt. He was becoming very comfortable with Haley and felt he could do anything around her.
This time, David didn't even need to be asked, he just pulled up his skirt and showed off his little pink panties to the camera.

Haley began to laugh uncontrollably.

"What is it?" David asked.

"Oh, nothing." Haley assured him, "You look great."

Suddenly, David became self aware. As Haley laughed more and more he began to realize that this wasn't a "safe place" to do and feel however he wanted. It was something else, something much more cruel. He didn't know what was going on anymore but he decided he was done. David pulled his skirt back down and walked inside.

Haley followed him puzzled. "Whats wrong, are you upset little girl?"

"Don't call me that." David yelled back.

Haley burst into laughter at the sight of a grown boy angry for being called a girl after showing off his panties.

"Why are you laughing at me?" David asked with hurt feelings.

She could barely speak between laughing fits, "Because...because I didn't even ask you to show me your panties that time, you wanted to. You're truly a little sissy girl!"

"It's not funny!"

"What does it matter if I think it's funny, you're happy like this right?"


"And why would you want to be with a girl who doesn't want you to be happy."

"What are you saying?" David asked.

"I'm saying, if you don't tell her about all this, then I'm going to show her these pictures."

"No please don't, you promised."

"Either you or me, which is it gonna be sissy?"

Less than 15 minutes later David was at the University, roaming the hallways. He poked his head into several empty rooms until finally he came to the right one. He walked in and at first went unnoticed by the girl studying quietly.

She glanced up and screamed, "DAVID!?!"
David smiled but he had butterflies in his stomach.

A second later, Haley came through the door behind him with her camera in hand.


He began tugging and fidgeting with his black skirt.

"There's, um, something we need to talk about." David squeaked out.


"Go on sissy, show her what you came here to show her." Haley encouraged.

David took a deep breath.

"Haley, whats going on!" asked the girl behind her desk.

"Just give him a second, you're gonna laugh so hard when you see this." Haley answered.

"Wait for wha..." but before she could finish, David pulled up his skirt to show off a dirty pair of pink ladybug panties. They all burst into uncontrollable laughter, even David.


David's additional outfits:

The New Panties:

The light blue blinds let in the afternoon sunlight in Amanda's bedroom. His girlfriend was at work and wouldn't be home till after 10 PM. This gave Nick just over 6 hours alone in her apartment.

He had been sleeping over at Amanda's more frequently in the past month and she had made him a key to the house so he wouldn't have to wait for her to get off work.
They worked at the same Italian restaurant but he lived on the other side of the city and took both a bus and a train to get there.

As Nick walked around in Amanda's room he laughed to himself at how much junk she kept. An origami swan he had made her sat on the nightstand and a scribbled note he'd left on the kitchen table one morning was taped to the mirror. She had even kept their couples Halloween costume from that year.

They had gone as Adam and Eve. Amanda had gotten a fake apple, a rubber snake, and a blonde wig for Eve and all an Adam costume needed was a few strategically placed leaves. Still it was sweet that she kept so much.

On the floor next to the bed was a shopping bag.
He remembered that Amanda said she was going shopping with her friend Leslie that morning. Just being curious, Nick peeked over the top of one of the bags. It had four pairs of new panties in it. The bag next to it had a blue dress inside. He thought nothing of it at first and walked over to the stereo to put some music on. Then, he had a thought.

"Why not?" he said quietly to himself.

He immediately went downstairs and locked the front door with the deadbolt. This for some reason made him feel safer. As if the bottom lock wasn't good enough.

But even with both locks, he felt nervous. He sat on the windowsill and assured himself no one would find out.
Opening the shopping bag, he reached in and pulled out the top pair of panties. He tried on a pair of yellow ones with polka dots. Then he tried on a lacy red pair. Then he even tried on a thong before finally putting on a very cute pair with a pink and blue heart pattern.

Next he went into the bathroom and shuffled through the make-up drawer. He took much time and care into putting on the pink lipstick and even tried a little mascara.

Nick swung the closet open and browsed the selection. The iPod was on shuffle and Nick found it amusing that teen-girl pop music was blaring from the speakers as he made his wardrobe selection.

"Something simple." he said, "Not too flashy."

Settling on a pair of tight jeans and an off-white top with a fancy black bow, he went to look at himself in the mirror. He was actually impressed. Fake nails, padded bra, and a nice blonde wig really did the trick.
The only problem he seemed to be having was in his crotch area. The pants were so tight, it made him very uncomfortable and found he had to keep adjusting himself to keep the panties in place.

This had been quite an adventure for him. But now it was time to change back into his normal clothes and go wash up in the bathroom sink.

He was just about to pick up his t-shirt when he heard a noise downstairs. He launched himself over to the stereo and cut the music off. Then he listened until he heard it again, the deadbolt clicked and the front door opened.

"Hello? Nick are you here? It's Leslie."

Nick didn't move a muscle.

"Nick?" came the girl's voice, her footsteps stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

Nick's heart was beating faster and faster. He turned to and reached down as quietly as possible to grab his clothes and change. The floor boards creaked beneath him and he froze with the sound. Leslie's voice rang out once again from downstairs.

"Amanda told me you'd be here, I don't mean to startle you, I just came by to pick up something from earlier."

The footsteps went one after the other, slowly climbing the staircase. Nick couldn't believe what was happening and he whispered quietly to himself, "Please don't come in here, please don't come in here."

He stood leaning against the windowsill and eyes fixated on the door careful not to make any noise that would give away his presence.

It was no use, the door opened and a startled Leslie appeared in the doorway. "Oh, I didn't think anyone was...NICK! IS THAT YOU!?!"

Nick just folded his arms sheepishly and didn't say a word.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?" Leslie continued, "No, you know what, it's none of my business... I'll just grab what I came here for and leave you to whatever it is that you're doing."

Leslie bent down and picked up the two shopping bags on the floor near the bed. She turned to leave quickly but stopped before completely exiting the room.

"Oh shit." Nick thought.

Leslie turned slowly around and a wide grin appeared on her face.

"Nikki," she said, "What are you wearing under those jeans?"

Nick wanted to die.
He felt his hands slowly drift down to cover his crotch. It seemed as if Leslie could see right through his jeans. As if she could see him standing there in only her little heart patterned panties.

"I'm sorry Leslie, I didn't know they were yours."

Leslie took a step towards Nick.

"Well, well, well." She smirked, "Let's see 'em."

"No, Leslie. Look I'll buy a new pair for you or something."

"Come on, let me see them."

"No, Leslie, please. Please don't make me." Nick pleaded.

"Aww. Is little girl Nikki a little bit shy?"

"Please, Leslie, I'll do anything for you. Just act like this never happened."

Leslie was taking her phone out of her purse, "Oh but it did happen."
She snapped a few pictures before demanding Nick to show her the panties.

Nick knew there was no way out of this mess and so he finally did as he was told.

As he unbuttoned the top button of the jeans he heard Leslie say, "You little pervert, I knew it!"

And he peeled back the top of the jeans to reveal the pink and blue heart panties just minutes ago he had been so interested in trying on.

She took a few more photos with her camera-phone.

Then Leslie said, "Pull them all the way down. I want to see cute little Nikki in his cute little panties."

Nick's mind was reeling.
She was probably sending those pictures to Amanda right this minute. Then Amanda would show all of her friends and everyone would think he was some kind of a creep.

"I said, pull them all the way down!"

He had never been so embarrassed. Nick pulled the jeans down to his knees and stood pouting while Leslie took what seemed like an endless amount of photos.

"Come on, let me go."

"Just a few more pictures, then you can change into this dress. Now turn around and bend over."

"Change into what?" Nick asked.

"I said turn around!"

Nick did as he was told and felt as sissy as he ever had showing Leslie his pantied butt.

"You are a little pervert who needs to be taught a lesson."

"Okay, I've learned my lesson, now please let me change into my own clothes."

Leslie looked at Nick, "Not yet."
He had nothing to say back, nothing could convince her to stop.

Nick looked up at her with pathetic and confused eyes. Leslie motioned to his crotch. "Looks like Nikki isn't all girl is she?"

Nick lifted the waistband of the panties.

"I guess you'll just have to tuck that if we're going to go out for Italian food tonight." Leslie said as she took one last photo.