Saturday, December 11, 2010

Beach Week:

Kyle's sister Ashley had just graduated high school and she was going to beach week to party and celebrate with her friends. Kyle was a few years younger than Ashley and begged for a chance to come along.

He could just imagine the bragging rights that would come with his return. Being just a sophomore, spending an entire week with older girls and drinking every night sounded like a dream.
So he begged for the chance to come with her.

"Ash, please please please, I'll do anything for you, just let me go with you!" 

Ashley was packing in her room and after about a half hour of Kyle's relentless pleading, she gave in.

"Fine, but don't embarrass me, ok!?!" she said.

"YES! I won't, I promise. You won't even know I'm there."

The car arrived a few hours later and the beginning of the trip was everything Kyle had imagined. A road trip with 6 other girls and he was the only boy. While on the highway one of Ashley's friends even fell asleep on his shoulder. But suddenly, when they hit a bump in the road, she woke up startled and apologized. Her name was Mia and she was very beautiful. For the rest of the car ride, Mia and Kyle exchanged flirty glances.

Finally they got to the ocean. It was late and the group didn't feel like unpacking the car to get their bathing suits for the beach. One of the girls suggested skinny dipping in the ocean and a few others joined in. Kyle wasn't about to miss this but was ashamed to be the only boy so he wore his boxers into the water.
While the girls were acting wild and jumping into the waves, Mia waded over to where Kyle was watching.

"What are you doing wearing those?" Mia joked.

Kyle laughed but then said aloud, "You're right!"

He then took off his underwear and threw it out to sea. They both laughed at the gesture.

Before long they were all ready for bed and they went up to the house. The house was smaller than expected and they realized that all 6 of them would have to share the 2 beds and 1 couch that was provided. Needless to say Kyle had a good night, except for the fact that he was now wearing jeans with no boxers which made him uncomfortable to sleep in.

The next morning Kyle offered to bring in the luggage. But as he brought each bag up, he realized his and another girls were missing.
Ashley asked what the problem was and Kyle told her the situation.

"Oh no! They must have fallen off the top of the car when we hit that bump in the road." she explained.

Frustrated Kyle said, "Well that means I only have one pair of clothes all week then!"
Ashley felt bad for her kid brother but there was nothing she could do for him.

"And to make things worse," Kyle continued, "I don't have any underwear on."

"Well, if you want, you can use some of my panties..." Ashley laughed. "And I would offer you some clothes but, I'm pretty sure the other girls would make fun of you."

"This isn't a time to joke." Said Kyle.

"Oh, I'm not joking. Here." She opened her bag and gave Kyle 4 pairs of white and pink panties.

"Okay," he said, "But don't tell anyone, especially Mia."

"Oooh... why not Mia?"

"Cut it out Ash, I'm serious."

The next few days were fun for everyone and Kyle found himself more and more interested in his sister's friend Mia. 

One day, while out on the deck a few of the girls were talking and looking out at the ocean.
Kyle had his camera and noticed that he could see Mia's panties from beneath her camouflage skirt. He couldn't resist snapping the photo and decided he'd save it.

Later that night Kyle was in the shower and a knock came on the door to the bathroom. "Just a minute," he yelled out as he grabbed his sister's panties off the sink and hid them under his jeans. "Who is it?"

"It's Mia, I was just wondering if you had any batteries, we're going to tell scary stories and need them for the flashlight."

"Oh, ya, their in my camera, feel free to grab them."

"Thanks!" Mia replied.

Kyle finished his shower and dried his hair.
He slipped back into the pink panties and got dressed.

But as he came out of the bathroom and turned the corner into the kitchen, he realized all the girls were crowded around the table and they looked very upset.

Ashley saw Kyle first and angrily confronted him, "Did you take this picture of Mia!?!"

"Umm, I didn't... I just..."

"Uhh! I knew I shouldn't have brought you! That's messed up Kyle!"
Kyle apologized and said he'd delete it.

"That's not good enough, you embarrassed my friend."

"Well what else do you want from me?"

"Girls, there's something Kyle needs to show you..." Ashley had an evil gleam in her eye.

"No, Ash, come on."

"Grab him gals! And hold him down!"

Kyle ran into the bedroom but before he could get very far, four girls forced him to the bed. He squirmed and yelled but they wouldn't let go.

"You saw Mia's panties, Kyle, now it's time she saw yours!" cooed Ashley.

The girls began laughing and another girl helped Mia to start pulling at Kyle's jeans.

To all the girl's surprise, Kyle was wearing white bikini panties with a light pink trim.
The laughter rose into hysteria and Mia stood completely shocked. Kyle kept trying to get loose from the girls holding his arms and pinning him down at the neck. 
"Looks like it's just us girl's this week after all!" came a loud voice.

"Ya, if I'd have known Kelly was coming instead of Kyle I would have offered my extra bathing suit." yelled another girl.

Finally Ashley said, "It's not too late for that, we still have four and a half days left."

At that, all the girls laughed even harder and loosened their grip on Kyle. He sat up on the bed and began to pull his pants back on but Mia stopped him.

"No mam'," she said, "That's not what you're wearing tonight. Kyle's stomach dropped and he realized he was trapped. He had no way to get away and even if he could, no way to get home.

By the end of the night, they had finished creating Kelly. While the girls were doing his make-up and picking out which of their bikinis they wanted to see him in first, Ashley had went out and had gotten a blonde wig for her little brother. They all made the finishing touches and Mia went to get the camera. Kyle rolled up into a ball and was more embarrassed than he ever had been in his life.


The camera flashed and Kyle knew his life was over.
They'd all want copies of those pictures and they'd all show their friends. He couldn't bring himself to face the room full of giggling girls.

"Sit up Kelly." Ashley said.

He didn't move. He just stayed there, curled up in a ball.
"I said, sit up! Or we'll make you sit up!"

He moved his arms and began to sit back.
He'd rather get up by his own efforts than go through being pinned down by the girls again.


Each time the camera snapped a shot, a shiver went across his entire body.

"Sit up please, Kelly so we can all see what bikini your going to wear to the beach tomorrow."


One of the girls screamed suddenly. "Oh my god!"

"What is it?" asked Ashley.

"I think... I think he's enjoying it..." As she spoke the whole room looked at the front of Kyle's panties. 
It took a second then the room exploded with laughter, louder and harder than they had yet.

Mia yelled out through her laughing tears, "Maybe we should let you pick out your next outfit, Kyle!" 

Kyle slowly looked down and realized what all the excitement was about. He was hard.

He felt like crying.

He tried to hide his face from the camera but it didn't matter. He was sitting in the middle of a room on a bed wearing only a black tank top and Mia's silver and white bikini. There was no escape.


It was time to face the music. They had stripped him and shaved him and he was afraid they would do more if he didn't just play along now.

He got to his knees on the mattress and they began to cheer.
"Ya! Thats it! Work it girl!" they all yelled.

Ashley had felt a little bad at first but seeing her brother accepting his punishment, made her feel better.
Besides, this was the most fun any of them could have hoped to have at Beach Week. Kyle sat up completely and struck a pose.


He thought he was going to be sick.

The next morning the girls slept in and when they woke in bed, realized that Kyle wasn't there. None of the girls knew where he had gone. The last anyone had seen of him, they had changed his clothes to sleep in. 
He was wearing a flowery slip and purple panties with lace and little white dots. They girls all laughed at the idea that he had escaped during the night and was now roaming the streets in that outfit.
They began to search the house for him.

"He'll be back." Mia said undaunted by the disappearance.

"How do you know though?" Ashley asked, a little less sure.

Mia snickered, "He didn't exactly hate last night, if you know what I mean."
All the girls giggled to themselves.

"We should keep looking." Said Ashley with concern in her voice.

And so, they kept searching the house. They checked the living room and the bathroom and the kitchen until finally, one of the girls called to them from the back room.
"He's on the deck."

A sigh of relief fell across Ashley and the rest of the girls began breakfast.
Ashley went out the back sliding glass door and approached her brother.

"Hey." she said softly.

"Hi." Kyle replied.

"Are you okay?"

"Ya, I'm fine... It's just..." 

Ashley gave her little brother her full attention and put a hand on his shoulder to show she was really listening.

"...It's just...When everyone sees those pictures it's gonna be the end of my life. Everyone will make fun of me..." Kyle turned away from his sister and looked out at the beach.

"Well, you shouldn't have taken that picture Kyle." Ashley said.

"I know and I told her I was sorry. I don't even care about being like this in front of you guys anymore, I just don't want everyone else to know." Kyle was obviously upset.

"Well I promise if you finish out this trip as a girl then I will delete all the photos."


"Ya. But you have to go to the beach with us and everything."

"Ah, come on Ashley don't be like that."

"It's part of the deal. Besides, no one you know is at this beach. And..."

"And what?"

"And... you look kinda hot."

Kyle smiled ever so slightly. ""

Ashley smirked and pinched his butt.

"Now come on inside, the girls have made breakfast." Ashley slid the door open and let Kyle walk in front of her.

Kyle sat in the big chair in the middle of the room. None of the other girls treated him strangely during breakfast, other than calling him Kelly.

It was kind of nice, Kyle thought. Just being one of the girls. It's a lot less pressure than being the only guy.

Mia brought a plate of eggs over to him and spoke to him casually, "Try to eat quick, I'm trying to get to the beach as soon as possible."

The next few days went by quickly and Kyle learned to actually enjoy being dressed in panties, bikinis, and cute summer dresses.

Each morning he would wake up and change into whatever outfit the girls had laid out for him.
After a while, it really started to feel like it was just a house of 7 girls.
They joked and played silly games and Ashley really enjoyed having a sister for the first time.

When on the beach he still felt ashamed and thought someone would notice he wasn't a girl. So he tended to stay off to the side and watch the girls play in the water from a distance.

The girls would wave to Kyle and he would wave back but he was still too shy to really move about and feel completely comfortable the way they had been dressing him.

Each day Kyle had sat in the same place almost all day long in the sun but never realized that he was getting a sun-burn. It didn't occur to him that even if his sister deleted the pictures, he was still going to have to cover up some serious bikini tan lines.

Finally, on the last night, Kyle had decided to go in the water. This was a big decision he felt, it meant he was truly accepting 'being one of the girls'. 
But just as he was about to stand up, one of the girls yelled from the waterside.

"Close those legs, honey!"

And all the others began to laugh as they had on the first night when Kelly appeared.

Kyle felt embarrassed for considering going in with them. The girls could tell by his body language that he felt stupid and they called out for him to join them.

The drive home felt shorter than the ride to the beach had. All the girls including Kelly were exhausted and slept in the car.
Ashley and her little sister were dropped off at their house and all the girls blew kisses from the window as they drove away.

Kyle began to take his wig off and sighed with relief.
"Can I have those pictures now Ash?"

"Not so fast." she said.

"WHAT!?! But I did everything you told me to do."

"I know, and you did a really good job but I kinda liked having a little sister." 
Kyle stopped taking the wig off and looked at Ashley's smiling face.
She was a good sister to him after all, and he figured he could play along.

"Just every once in a while though, okay?" Kyle said.

"Well, don't you want to come visit me in the dorms next year?"

"Let's go see what you have for me to wear..."



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