Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Adopted Sister:

Sean had been in and out of foster care for most of his life, so when a stable family of 7 adopted him, he was ecstatic.

When he arrived at the house for the first time he was in shock. Their home was large and beautiful with a big front yard. The car pulled into the driveway and on the front lawn sat 4 girls.

"Girls! Come here, I want you to meet Sean." said Mr. Dunn.

Mr. Dunn had 4 beautiful daughters that still lived in the house and one already in college. He had been unable to have a boy and though he loved his daughters greatly was very excited to have Sean in the house.

The girls smiled and greeted him one by one before they all went inside. Sean followed Mr. Dunn upstairs to a bedroom at the top of the stairs.

"You'll be staying in this room with Tiffany until she moves her belongings into Summer's room." Mr. Dunn explained. "Mrs. Dunn will be home in a few hours and we will eat dinner then."

With that, he left Sean alone in the room and closed the door for privacy.

Sean got settled and unpacked all of his things. He looked at the time and realized there was still a long while before he needed to go downstairs. So Sean decided to snoop around in Tiffany's room.

First he went through her panty drawer and grabbed a pair of black and white stripped ones with a tiny pink bow on the hip to try on later. Next he opened her desk. But just before he picked up what looked to be a diary, there was a knock at the door. Sean quickly closed the desk and stood up as Tiffany entered the room.

"Hey, sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." Tiffany apologized.

"Oh don't worry about it. It is your room." Sean joked.

"Well, I guess it's our room for the next few days," she smiled at him, "Did you get settled in okay?"

"Ya." he answered quickly.

"Great!" She turned to leave but stopped, "Hey, me and the girls are gonna watch a movie after mom and dad go to bed, your welcome to join us."

"Sure, sounds great." Sean said.

That night, after dinner the girls selected a movie to watch and put some popcorn in the microwave. Sean sat on the couch in between some of his new step sisters but was beckoned into the kitchen by Tiffany.

"Hey Sean, how tall are you? Can you grab this bowl above the fridge for me?"

Sean said, "Excuse me." To the other 3 girls in the living room and went to get the bowl down for Tiffany. As he was reaching for it, his shirt lifted up and revealed his waistline. Tiffany almost screamed when she saw that Sean was wearing her panties.

Sean grabbed the bowl but by the time he turned around Tiffany was in the other room. He poured the popcorn into the bowl and carried it into the living room oblivious that he had been found out.

The girls made room on the couch but they were giggling now and Sean could feel the difference in the room. Before the movie began Summer sat up and turned to Sean.

"Did you want to put on something more comfortable before we start the movie, Sean?" Summer smirked.

"Uh, no, I'm okay." Sean replied.

"Are you sure?" She prodded, "I bet Tiffany would let you wear something if you asked her."

Sean's face turned red and he blushed more than he ever had before. The other girls began to laugh and Tiffany spoke up.

"Ya, Sean. All you have to do is just ask." She winked.

Sean realized he had been caught and tried to think of an escape. It was too late, Tiffany and Summer grabbed his arms while the other girls pulled off his pants. It was true, he was wearing Tiffany's panties. The girls burst into laughter and the younger two jumped up.

"I'll get the lipstick!" One said as she was already halfway upstairs.

Instead of watching a movie that night, the girls made Sean into an honorary new sister.

When the other girls had had their fun and went off to bed laughing, Tiffany crept over to Sean's bed and lifted up the sheets. Sure enough, there he was, painted up and girly. She laughed again when she saw him.

"I just wanted to see my new sister one more time before I went to bed." She joked.

Sean tried to pull the covers back down to hide himself but she just pulled them back up again.

This was the most humiliating thing he had ever experienced and he knew it was only the beginning.

"Goodnight my cute princess." Tiffany said. "Tomorrow we'll have lots of fun."

With that she turned out the lights and went to sleep.

The next morning Mr. and Mrs. Dunn had left for work before anyone else was awake. Sean had only slept a little and in the middle of the night had taken off all the clothes the girls had put him in. Since he had not slept during the night, he was fast asleep in the morning and woke only when the chatter of the sisters was very loud. They were all there in Tiffany's room, going through the closets and picking outfits for their new sister to wear.

Sean opened his eyes and looked around the room.

His nightmare wasn't a dream. There was make-up and clothes and panties scattered across the entire room.

Summer noticed him first. "Well hello sleepyhead. Looks like you took your pretty clothes off in the night. Thats okay, we've got plenty more for you."

Sean's stomach sank.

"Well, get your but out of bed!" Summer yelled as she ripped the sheet off of him, exposing his naked body.

He sat up immediately and tried to cover himself with his hands.

"I said get up and put these on!" Summer demanded as she threw a pair of panties at him.

Sean quickly put them on and the girls laughed at how quickly he did what he was told.

They gave him a blue dress to wear and brought him downstairs for breakfast. He helped cook at first and every time one of the girls walked behind him, they pinched his butt.

One time, as Tiffany pinched him, he dropped a plate and Summer was so upset that she made him literally sit in the corner of the kitchen in time-out.

He did as he was told and once again the girls all laughed at how easy it was to get him to do as they wanted.

The girls finished making breakfast and told Sean he could sit with them to eat.

He had said nothing all morning but the other girls didn't seem to mind.

After breakfast, Summer said it was time to get changed again and Sean obediently went upstairs.

This time the girls put him in a yellow sweater and began to look for a skirt for him to wear.

While the other girls searched, Tiffany came over to where Sean stood. "Your awful quiet today Sean." She said.

Sean just nodded his head.

"I bet I can do something about that." Tiffany jeered.

Sean didn't know what she meant by the statement but didn't really care. He had been laughed at and humiliated enough, nothing they could do now would make it any worse.

As those thoughts were swimming in his mind, Sean suddenly felt a hand grab the waistband of his panties and pull. Tiffany was behind him and gave him a wedgie. She pulled the panties so hard and so fast up his butt that Sean couldn't help but scream in pain.

The other girls turned to see what the commotion was all about just as Tiffany let go and Sean fell to the floor. The all broke into hysterics as they saw the giant wedgie Tiffany had given Sean in her panties.

The days went on like this. Eventually the girls bought Sean a wig and dressed him for when they went out of the house as well. He no longer took off the clothes at night and on occasion picked out his own panties to wear.

Sean was a quiet and obedient girl and his sisters loved to dress him up more than anything else in the world.



  1. I love how you wove the story and all those pictures together! AWESOME final picture!

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  6. This seems great I would love for this to happen to me

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