Sunday, December 12, 2010

This Particular Girl is David:

Boy meets girl. Girl really likes boy. Boy really likes girl.
Boy takes girl on a first date. Girl brings boy back to her apartment.
Boy sleeps over. Girl has class early in the morning. Boy sleeps in.

This particular boy is David.
What the girl doesn't know is that this is also David.

In the morning David wakes up and lies in bed for a moment. He thinks about what a great night he had  and smiles to himself. David looks around the room and sees a hamper in the corner. He gets up and walks over to it, opens the lid and begins to sift through the laundry. He finds a cute pair of pink panties with ladybugs on them. As he is stuffing them into his pocket he hears a voice from behind him.

"Umm... What are you doing?"

Startled, the boy doesn't know what to do and he throws the underwear back into the laundry basket. David turns to face the female voice standing behind the green doorway. She is blurry eyed in the hallway and smiling.

For a moment, David wonders if she saw him going through the dirty laundry.

She leans on the frame of the door and begins to tease the strange boy in her roommate's bedroom. "If you're going to take panties, you might as well take a clean pair from the drawer."

"No, thats...uhh...not what I was looking for." David stammered.


"No." he continued. "I was looking for my...uhh...shirt."

"You mean the shirt you have on."

"Oh, uh. Haha. Ya, I thought I had brought another one too."


David didn't know what else to say. She had obviously caught him and was now just standing in the doorway watching him squirm.

After a long uncomfortable pause the girl spoke again, "Well, I'm gonna make some coffee. Do you want some?"

"No, I really gotta go. I'm actually late already."

The girl just smiled and watched as David gathered his things and put his shoes on in a hurry. He rushed passed her and before the door closed behind him she could barely call out, "It was nice to meet you."

The next day, David got a text.

"I'm having a few friends over tonight and was wondering if you could stop by."

David quickly texted back, "Ya, I'd love to!" At the risk of seeming overeager.

"Great, wear something nice, see you at 6."

David couldn't help but wonder if her roommate had said anything about him.
He was not looking forward to seeing the roommate again, but he was very excited about a second date and wasn't going to miss the opportunity. He figured he'd wear a tie. He could always take it off if it was too formal.

He walked up the front steps of the apartment complex at precisely 6:05 PM and rang the buzzer. He wasn't wearing anything too over the top, a white button-up with a red stripped black tie. 

He heard a voice coming from inside and footsteps approaching the door. "Just a second."

The door opened. It was Haley. "Oh, hey you. I didn't catch your name yesterday."

"Ya, it's David."

"Well David, I'm Haley...come on in."

David walked inside and passed Haley. As he passed her she slapped him on the butt and it startled him. He looked at her sharply and she returned a knowing look. He decided not to comment on it. In the kitchen no one was waiting for him, the living room was empty as well.

"Where is everyone?"

"Oh. I forgot, there was supposed to be a party tonight, huh?" Haley answered smartly.

"Where is..." David got cut off before he could finish.

"Ya, she's studying late at school."

David was confused, why had he been invited over if she wasn't even here.

"Oh but she left this for you." Haley handed David a bag.

David opened it and his stomach dropped. Inside were the pink ladybug panties.
He looked up and met eyes with Haley.

"Don't worry, I didn't tell her anything."

David had never been so humiliated in his life, he turned to leave but Haley blocked his path.

"But... if you wanna have a little fun..." she winked at him.

David was aggravated, "Please get out of my way."

"Aww, come on it'll be so great!" Haley continued.
She took the bag out of his hands and began to dangle the ladybug panties in front of his face.

Slowly his anger began to dwindle as a hint of a smile crept across his face.

"Yay!" exclaimed Haley. "Wait right here!"

In less than an hour, Haley had completely transformed David. And she was right, it was great. 
He had shaved and she had given him a long brown wig and painted his fingernails.

Once all the make-up was on, they went out to the side-alley to take what Haley called 'Glamour Shots'.

David was reluctant at first to have his picture taken. But she assured him that no matter what it'd be their little secret.

Haley kept trying to get a shot of his panties but David was still too shy.
Finally, Haley made a deal with him, "If you let me photograph you in those panties, then we can do another outfit. How does that sound?"

David thought about it for a moment and decided he had come far enough in this game, might as well go all out.

He lifter his shirt and showed off his purple panties with the title "Adorable" printed on the crotch. Haley snapped the photo.

Soon they were out front of the apartment building and David had slipped into a striped yellow tank top and a short white skirt. He was becoming very comfortable with Haley and felt he could do anything around her.
This time, David didn't even need to be asked, he just pulled up his skirt and showed off his little pink panties to the camera.

Haley began to laugh uncontrollably.

"What is it?" David asked.

"Oh, nothing." Haley assured him, "You look great."

Suddenly, David became self aware. As Haley laughed more and more he began to realize that this wasn't a "safe place" to do and feel however he wanted. It was something else, something much more cruel. He didn't know what was going on anymore but he decided he was done. David pulled his skirt back down and walked inside.

Haley followed him puzzled. "Whats wrong, are you upset little girl?"

"Don't call me that." David yelled back.

Haley burst into laughter at the sight of a grown boy angry for being called a girl after showing off his panties.

"Why are you laughing at me?" David asked with hurt feelings.

She could barely speak between laughing fits, "Because...because I didn't even ask you to show me your panties that time, you wanted to. You're truly a little sissy girl!"

"It's not funny!"

"What does it matter if I think it's funny, you're happy like this right?"


"And why would you want to be with a girl who doesn't want you to be happy."

"What are you saying?" David asked.

"I'm saying, if you don't tell her about all this, then I'm going to show her these pictures."

"No please don't, you promised."

"Either you or me, which is it gonna be sissy?"

Less than 15 minutes later David was at the University, roaming the hallways. He poked his head into several empty rooms until finally he came to the right one. He walked in and at first went unnoticed by the girl studying quietly.

She glanced up and screamed, "DAVID!?!"
David smiled but he had butterflies in his stomach.

A second later, Haley came through the door behind him with her camera in hand.


He began tugging and fidgeting with his black skirt.

"There's, um, something we need to talk about." David squeaked out.


"Go on sissy, show her what you came here to show her." Haley encouraged.

David took a deep breath.

"Haley, whats going on!" asked the girl behind her desk.

"Just give him a second, you're gonna laugh so hard when you see this." Haley answered.

"Wait for wha..." but before she could finish, David pulled up his skirt to show off a dirty pair of pink ladybug panties. They all burst into uncontrollable laughter, even David.


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