Sunday, December 12, 2010

The New Panties:

The light blue blinds let in the afternoon sunlight in Amanda's bedroom. His girlfriend was at work and wouldn't be home till after 10 PM. This gave Nick just over 6 hours alone in her apartment.

He had been sleeping over at Amanda's more frequently in the past month and she had made him a key to the house so he wouldn't have to wait for her to get off work.
They worked at the same Italian restaurant but he lived on the other side of the city and took both a bus and a train to get there.

As Nick walked around in Amanda's room he laughed to himself at how much junk she kept. An origami swan he had made her sat on the nightstand and a scribbled note he'd left on the kitchen table one morning was taped to the mirror. She had even kept their couples Halloween costume from that year.

They had gone as Adam and Eve. Amanda had gotten a fake apple, a rubber snake, and a blonde wig for Eve and all an Adam costume needed was a few strategically placed leaves. Still it was sweet that she kept so much.

On the floor next to the bed was a shopping bag.
He remembered that Amanda said she was going shopping with her friend Leslie that morning. Just being curious, Nick peeked over the top of one of the bags. It had four pairs of new panties in it. The bag next to it had a blue dress inside. He thought nothing of it at first and walked over to the stereo to put some music on. Then, he had a thought.

"Why not?" he said quietly to himself.

He immediately went downstairs and locked the front door with the deadbolt. This for some reason made him feel safer. As if the bottom lock wasn't good enough.

But even with both locks, he felt nervous. He sat on the windowsill and assured himself no one would find out.
Opening the shopping bag, he reached in and pulled out the top pair of panties. He tried on a pair of yellow ones with polka dots. Then he tried on a lacy red pair. Then he even tried on a thong before finally putting on a very cute pair with a pink and blue heart pattern.

Next he went into the bathroom and shuffled through the make-up drawer. He took much time and care into putting on the pink lipstick and even tried a little mascara.

Nick swung the closet open and browsed the selection. The iPod was on shuffle and Nick found it amusing that teen-girl pop music was blaring from the speakers as he made his wardrobe selection.

"Something simple." he said, "Not too flashy."

Settling on a pair of tight jeans and an off-white top with a fancy black bow, he went to look at himself in the mirror. He was actually impressed. Fake nails, padded bra, and a nice blonde wig really did the trick.
The only problem he seemed to be having was in his crotch area. The pants were so tight, it made him very uncomfortable and found he had to keep adjusting himself to keep the panties in place.

This had been quite an adventure for him. But now it was time to change back into his normal clothes and go wash up in the bathroom sink.

He was just about to pick up his t-shirt when he heard a noise downstairs. He launched himself over to the stereo and cut the music off. Then he listened until he heard it again, the deadbolt clicked and the front door opened.

"Hello? Nick are you here? It's Leslie."

Nick didn't move a muscle.

"Nick?" came the girl's voice, her footsteps stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

Nick's heart was beating faster and faster. He turned to and reached down as quietly as possible to grab his clothes and change. The floor boards creaked beneath him and he froze with the sound. Leslie's voice rang out once again from downstairs.

"Amanda told me you'd be here, I don't mean to startle you, I just came by to pick up something from earlier."

The footsteps went one after the other, slowly climbing the staircase. Nick couldn't believe what was happening and he whispered quietly to himself, "Please don't come in here, please don't come in here."

He stood leaning against the windowsill and eyes fixated on the door careful not to make any noise that would give away his presence.

It was no use, the door opened and a startled Leslie appeared in the doorway. "Oh, I didn't think anyone was...NICK! IS THAT YOU!?!"

Nick just folded his arms sheepishly and didn't say a word.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?" Leslie continued, "No, you know what, it's none of my business... I'll just grab what I came here for and leave you to whatever it is that you're doing."

Leslie bent down and picked up the two shopping bags on the floor near the bed. She turned to leave quickly but stopped before completely exiting the room.

"Oh shit." Nick thought.

Leslie turned slowly around and a wide grin appeared on her face.

"Nikki," she said, "What are you wearing under those jeans?"

Nick wanted to die.
He felt his hands slowly drift down to cover his crotch. It seemed as if Leslie could see right through his jeans. As if she could see him standing there in only her little heart patterned panties.

"I'm sorry Leslie, I didn't know they were yours."

Leslie took a step towards Nick.

"Well, well, well." She smirked, "Let's see 'em."

"No, Leslie. Look I'll buy a new pair for you or something."

"Come on, let me see them."

"No, Leslie, please. Please don't make me." Nick pleaded.

"Aww. Is little girl Nikki a little bit shy?"

"Please, Leslie, I'll do anything for you. Just act like this never happened."

Leslie was taking her phone out of her purse, "Oh but it did happen."
She snapped a few pictures before demanding Nick to show her the panties.

Nick knew there was no way out of this mess and so he finally did as he was told.

As he unbuttoned the top button of the jeans he heard Leslie say, "You little pervert, I knew it!"

And he peeled back the top of the jeans to reveal the pink and blue heart panties just minutes ago he had been so interested in trying on.

She took a few more photos with her camera-phone.

Then Leslie said, "Pull them all the way down. I want to see cute little Nikki in his cute little panties."

Nick's mind was reeling.
She was probably sending those pictures to Amanda right this minute. Then Amanda would show all of her friends and everyone would think he was some kind of a creep.

"I said, pull them all the way down!"

He had never been so embarrassed. Nick pulled the jeans down to his knees and stood pouting while Leslie took what seemed like an endless amount of photos.

"Come on, let me go."

"Just a few more pictures, then you can change into this dress. Now turn around and bend over."

"Change into what?" Nick asked.

"I said turn around!"

Nick did as he was told and felt as sissy as he ever had showing Leslie his pantied butt.

"You are a little pervert who needs to be taught a lesson."

"Okay, I've learned my lesson, now please let me change into my own clothes."

Leslie looked at Nick, "Not yet."
He had nothing to say back, nothing could convince her to stop.

Nick looked up at her with pathetic and confused eyes. Leslie motioned to his crotch. "Looks like Nikki isn't all girl is she?"

Nick lifted the waistband of the panties.

"I guess you'll just have to tuck that if we're going to go out for Italian food tonight." Leslie said as she took one last photo.



  1. luv boys in panties, those ones with the hearts r sooooooooooooooooo cute, luv 2 wear those, i wear panties all the time no mens undies

    1. I love boys in panties I want u to wear those for me while I suck u off and fuck u

  2. These stories SHOULD be longer.๐Ÿ˜‰