Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Morning After:

Allen woke up with a startle.
He was in someone else's bunk bed wearing only a pair of white cotton panties and a girl's t-shirt.

He scanned the room below for his own clothes but they were nowhere to be seen.

Allen remembered the previous night very well, he remembered going to a house party with some friends.

There he had met a cute girl and it turned out it was actually her house.

They seemed to have been hitting it off fairly well until he learned that she had a boyfriend.

Allen would have excused himself and went on to enjoy the rest of the night but she was being very flirty with him.

Eventually the girl asked if he wanted to join in with her and her friends while they played truth or dare.
Ahh... Truth or dare. That explains the make-up and shaved legs.

And that's how he had wound up in panties. But why did he sleep over?
After the game he must have been too tired to change and drive home.
The girl hadn't even slept in her bed with him. She passed out on the couch.

Just then, he heard voices in the hallway.
"Oh shit." Allen thought to himself. "They probably don't even know that I slept here."

He moved quickly for the ladder and climbed down.

Each step creaked loudly, so he spent much effort trying not to put too much pressure on them.

He looked very silly dangling from the edge of the bed with his panties riding up.
But finally he reached the floor.

Allen began to take off the underwear but then he stopped for a moment.
What was he going to wear instead of the panties?
His clothes were probably strewn about the living room where they had played the game.

He didn't care.
"It's better to get caught naked than in some random girl's panties."

He continued taking them off then wondered if that was true.
After all, it was her that suggested the dare and helped him get dressed.

Maybe there was something to it.

As he contemplating the situation more he heard another voice in the hall, this time loud and distinct.

It was the girl. "What the hell happened last night?" she said.
And Allen could here laughing and more talking coming from elsewhere in the house.

Then came the footsteps.
Walking down the hall, directly for the bedroom.
She spoke to the other housemates again, "Haha, I didn't even sleep in my ben!"

She was almost to the door. Allen had to do something and fast.
He thought about hiding in the closet, but then what. He still had no clothes.

The doorknob began the turn.

Allen raced toward the bunk bed.
He climbed to the top and dove on the mattress.

Scrambling to get under the covers, he grabbed the pink pillow and hid himself behind it.

He had made so much noise getting into the bed that she wasn't even surprised to find someone in her room.

"There you are!" she said with a smile. "Oh my gosh! Are you still wearing panties! Hahahaha, that is sooooo cute!"

"I'm sorry, I just need to find my clothes and I'll be out of your way." Allen stammered.

"No," she closed the door behind her. "Don't worry about it. In fact, let's have some fun!" She hurried over to a camera sitting on the dresser.

Allen didn't know what to do. He was still hoping that he had a chance with this girl so he just relaxed, sat back, and smiled.



  1. OMG! To be humiliated like this would be PANTYTASTIC!

    1. yes I totally agree man I would love to own those panties and meet a great girl like that wow