Sunday, June 5, 2011

Go Get Your Own:

Zach pulled the pink polka dotted panties on very slowly.

He loved the way they felt while putting them on so he made sure to take his time.

He was laying on his sisters bed wearing nothing but the panties he had taken from her drawer.

The lace tickled his leg as they went up his thighs.

The plan was to wear them around the house all day. His sister, Angie and their parents were out shopping and taking pictures of wedding dresses. She was getting married in a month.

Zach knew he had all the time in the world.

He got to his knees, still on her bed and slowly brought the panties up and tightly around his butt.

They were his favorite pair of his sister's. He thought to himself that he was going to have to figure something out for when she moved in with her new husband.

He had been secretly wearing her underwear for years and soon she wouldn't live there anymore.

That wasn't any of his concern at the moment though.

Zach sprawled out on Angie's bed and felt the panties tight around his crotch.

He got up and moved away from the bed.

He thought for a moment about trying on a light summer dress but then decided he would prance around in just the panties for a little while.

He left the room and rounded the corner towards the stairs.

Suddenly a FLASH went off in his face!

He was startled and didn't know what was happening.

Zach quickly shielded his face from his sister's camera pointed directly at his sissy self.

Then another FLASH!

"Cut it out Angie!" Zach cried.

She didn't say anything at all. She just smiled and snapped another photo.

Zach turned to retreat into the bathroom.

"Don't even think about it Zachary." She said sternly.
He stood defeated and humiliated as she took a few more photos of him in his favorite pink panties.

She marched him back into her room and told him to get dressed.

Zach didn't need an explanation. He knew she meant get dressed in her clothes.

He tactfully picked out the most gender neutral outfit possible. Grabbing an old pair of sweatpants from the corner of the room.

Then he picked out a grey t-shirt.

When he was done putting the clothes on over her panties, Angie said, "Alright, let's go..."

"Where are you taking me?"

"To the mall of course!" Angie replied.

"What? No way!" Zach argued.

"Yes way, unless you want me to post these pictures to your Facebook right now!"

"Come on Ang, I was just playing around. Please don't make me go out like this."

"Get in the car, we're going shopping for panties for you."

They drove to the mall with little conversation, just Zach pleading every once in a while, "Please, I don't want to be seen like this." But Angie never said a word.

They parked the car and went inside.
Zach looked around every corner to see if anyone he knew was there.

To his surprise, no one seemed to notice him dressed in his sister's clothes.

They b-lined for the Victoria's Secret outlet and again Zach stopped and begged his sister.

"This is so embarrassing, don't make me go panty shopping, please please please..."

But by this point Angie was really starting to enjoy herself.

She grabbed Zach by the wrist and led him inside.

"Here hold this." she said and handed Zach her purse as she took a lacy blue thong and held it up to Zach.

He took the purse and pushed the thong away.

Then Angie motioned to the poster and asked, "Do you need any bra's while we're here Zach?"

She said this very loud but none of the other customers seemed to notice.

Zach gave her a mean look but knew the only way out of this was to do what his sister wanted. So he started looking around.

At one point Angie saw Zach fidgeting with the panties he was wearing and from across the store she called out to him while laughing.

"Maybe you need some that won't give you a wedgie!" she yelled.

Zach was so humiliated.

He tried to focus so he could shop then leave.

Soon, Angie came over with an iced coffee she had gotten from Star Bucks across the way from the lingerie store.

As she approached Zach from behind she was surprised to realize that he actually did kinda look like a girl.

He was inspecting a pair of white see-through panties and she smacked his butt when she got to him.

It startled Zach so much that he let out a high pitched squeal and everyone in the store turned to look at him.

Angie looked in his shopping bag and was surprised to see everything he had picked out.

"My, my. Aren't we the little shopaholic."

"Can we go now?"

"Sure, here." She handed him the coffee and grabbed her wallet out of the purse he was carrying. "I'll pay for these."

Zach's eyes lit up. "Really?"

"Yup. Sister's gotta take care of each other right?"

He didn't respond.

In the checkout line Zach was getting anxious. He thought for sure the clerk had figured him out and more importantly he was nervous someone from school would see him.

Angie paid and handed him the panties in a big pink shopping bag then walked out of the store.

 Zach began to follow her but as Angie left, Zach saw Nicole walk in.

Nicole was a girl from his 2nd period Science class. He sat behind her and they flirted often.

Zach almost dove to the ground to hide from her.

"No, no, no. Please don't let her see me." He whispered to himself over and over again.

Slowly and cautiously he snuck around displays avoiding Nicole.

Then he heard Angie yell from the front of the store. "Zach! Are you coming!?! We need to go pick out a dress for you if you're gonna be a bridesmaid!"

Nicole turned to look at who the woman was yelling at. And if it hadn't been for Angie calling him by name, she might not even have recognized him.

Zach moved for the exit but Nicole walked and blocked his path.

"Zach? Is that you? What are you doing buying panties?"



  1. Very cute and sexy story. I think he better just confess and come clean with Nicole. it sounds like school might be a lot different from now on...

  2. This is such a sexy story. lease continue with 2nd part