Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Strip Poker:

"No way!" Chris accused the two girls, "You must be cheating!"

He had been losing all night.

"Come on! You can't just quit." said Tiffany.

It hadn't taken him long to lose almost all his clothes which was confusing to Chris because he thought himself to be a great card player.

"Here's what we'll do," Lisa began, "We'll play double or nothing or something like that."

"What? I don't have any more clothes left. How can I..."

"You didn't let her finish!" Tiffany yelped.

"So, like I was saying. Extreme strip-poker." Lisa shot a glance at Tiffany, who smiled in return. "If you win, we'll strip all the way down. But..."

"But..." Chris repeated.

"But, if you lose, you have to get completely dressed."

Chris knew his friends and knew the deal couldn't be so simple.

"Who's clothes?"


Chris sat for a moment and considered the humiliation if he played another hand and lost. It didn't seem worth the risk. But then he thought about how good Lisa and Tiffany probably looked in their underwear.

"Fine, fine. Deal me in."

The cards were dealt and Chris began to feel very nervous. He didn't have anything to play and there was no way he could bluff out of this one.

The girls were overjoyed at their victory as he took off his boxers. The two immediately got to work on dressing up Chris. Lisa let him put a grey tanktop on while Tiffany did his make-up and got a wig.

"Wait, who said anything about make-up!?!" Chris demanded but his voice was less than authoritative while sitting naked in the girls' apartment.

They even plucked his eyebrows. Then when they were done, Lisa brought out a mirror and showed Chris what they had done. His jaw dropped when he saw his reflection.

"Whoa." He finally managed.

Lisa laughed at him.

"No. I'm washing this off right now!" Chris started to get up but the girls blocked his way.

"A bets a bet Chris!" Tiffany said.

Chris let them finish what they had begun. They continued dressing him in a pair of Tiffany's panties and Lisa's blue mini-skirt. All the while he was getting more and more embarrassed and more and more angry.

When they were finished, Chris sat down again and began to shuffle the cards.

The girls looked at each other puzzled.

"What are you doing Christi?" Tiffany joked.

Chris didn't look up and he didn't respond.

"I think our cute lil' girl is angwy." said Lisa.

Chris glared up at them. "Are we gonna play or not." He said in a serious tone.

"Well, sure but what else can you lose Christi?"

"I'm not gonna lose." Chris said sternly.

He began to deal to the seats the girls had been sitting in earlier.

"You can't expect us to play if you don't have anything to lose."

Chris stopped passing the cards out.

"Fine. How long do I have to be dressed like this?"

"For the rest of the night!" Lisa said cheerfully.

"No way! Come on, lets play."

"Show us your panties first." Tiffany said on the verge of laughter.

Chris collected the cards he had just placed on the table and looked up at the two girls standing and grinning.

"You guys are so immature."

"Aww, come on Christi!"

"If I show you my panties, you have to play cards again. Give me another chance to change out of this outfit right now."

"Ya. Ya. Ya." Lisa said.

"Do you promise you'll play?"

"Yes, we promise."

Chris took a deep breath.

"This is so stupid." He said to himself as he reached down to lift the skirt.

The girls squealed with delight and Chris felt his face go flush.

"Come on, lets play." He said, trying to mask his insecurity.

"What are we playing for?" asked Tiffany.

"I know!" Lisa blurted out, "If you win, you can change back into your clothes but if you lose, we get to pick your Halloween costume for this year!"

"Fine, whatever, your not gonna win." Chris said as he dealt the cards once more.

"You know Christi," Tiffany began, "If your gonna be a girl all night, you gotta learn to act like one."

"Shut up Tif." Chris said.

"No seriously, a good girl wouldn't sit like that. She wouldn't show off her pussy to the entire world."

Chris stopped dealing for a moment and looked up at Tiffany in surprise. He was sitting like he usually did but this time hadn't realized he was wearing a skirt.

He was clearly embarrassed by her crude comment, "Lets just get this over with."

In October, Chris was standing is his own apartment fidgeting with the short dress the girls had brought for him to wear.

The night they played poker had been a strange memory. For the most part he had forced himself to forget it and how they had dressed him in not only the blue skirt but a variety of other outfits as he lost more and more hands.

All the while he never knew the girls were cheating.

Now the memory of embarrassment came flooding back to him. They had picked out clear high-heels and stripped stockings. They had done his nails and make-up like they had on that night many months ago.

Chris had butterflies in his stomach and he knew that the two girls could  see his panties very clearly.

He noticed the girls watching him tugging at the hem of the dress and so he turned away from them.

With his back to the girls, he began pulling on the front of the dress, trying to stretch it out.

"Oh my, what a sexy devil you are." came Lisa's voice.

What Chris had failed to realize is that by turning to face the wall he had given the girls a clear view of him butt. And the more he tugged on the front of the dress, the further the back of it rose up his cheeks.

"Christi! You've returned to us!" Tiffany joked.

The girls hadn't seen Chris much over the months in between now and the poker game, but they knew Chris well and they knew he wouldn't back down from the bet he had made.

"Now remember what we talked about." Tiffany said, "A good girl covers up."

Chris felt like throwing up. Every time one of the girls mentioned being 'lady-like' they did it with such an emphasis that he couldn't ignore how humiliated he was.

"Come on Christi! We don't want to be late!"

"Late for what!?!" Chris asked shocked.

"For the party, of course."

"Please, no." was all Chris managed to say as his heart skipped a beat and panic rose on his face. But there was nothing he could do now. A bet was a bet.

The girls began walking to the door and they could hear the CLICK CLICK CLICK of Chris' high heels beginning to follow them, unsteadily.