Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Clothesline:

The alleyway that divided the two apartments was narrow and had only one entrance from the other side. There was no street access and the entirely enclosed cement yard made for a safe setting.

Ryan's bedroom window faced out into the alley and he would often secretly watch the beautiful girl from next-door hang her laundry on the lines.

She had such wonderful clothes and he envied her casual and sexy style. Ryan had, for himself, no cute women's clothing but always when alone, teased his hair so it fell like a girl's.

He'd gotten pretty good over the years at making himself look like a girl without the use of make-up or clothing and he was just too embarrassed to buy his own.

And so, he feared but accepted that he was destined to a sheltered life inside his secret apartment. Never venturing too far into his womanhood from an overwhelming sense of self-conscious.

Until one afternoon when he was given a chance to go deeper into his secret aspirations.

As the girl next-door rounded up all of her belongings and was headed back inside, he saw it there left and forgotten. His excitement almost overwhelmed him.

She had left out a single pair of red panties hanging on the clothesline.

They weren't, by a long shot, her sassiest pair but as Ryan watched his neighbor disappear into the building with her laundry basket, he was overjoyed at her careless nature.

He waited, peering into the alleyway for two hours without moving before he finally decided the coast was clear.

She wasn't coming back.

Wearing only a long sleeved grey t-shirt, Ryan opened his window cautiously. He was naked from the waist down so as to be able to put the panties on immediately and climb back in through the window.

He was shivering with excitement and his stomach was in knots as his barefeet touched the cement.

There he was, he was actually doing it. He had lowered his body completely out of the window before he cared to think if he could actually get himself back in that way.

Quickly and stealthily he grabbed the panties and pulled them up over his naked thighs. As the fabric caressed his butt and fit tightly around him, he let out the slightest squeal of delight.

Rushing back to his side of the alleyway he realized in horror that the window was indeed too high to climb back through. In a panic he looked all around him. And there on the ground he found an overturned green plastic recycling bin.

"Thank god!" he thought.

But as he bent over the pull the box into place, Ryan accidentally knocked into a metal ladder that was leaned up against it. The rattle seemed to echo for eternity and he held his breath all the while.

When the clamor subsided, he continued his escape all the more frantic to be safe inside.

He was up on the box and high enough to climb back in when he heard a female voice behind him clear her throat to gain his attention.


Ryan swung his head around and was frozen in fear. There she was, watching him. And he was standing there pathetically in her red panties. He wanted to cry.

Without knowing how to confront the situation and not wanting to believe his nightmare was real, Ryan did a thing that surprised even himself. He turned his back to her and continued to climb into his bedroom.

"HEY!" she yelled and he could hear the new anger in her voice, "What the hell are you doing!?!"

He stopped and turned back again. Still in a stupor that this was actually happening to him.

Without facing her completely, he mumbled, "I'm so sorry, please don't call the police or anything, I'm sorry, it won't happen again, I've never done anything like this, really I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

Ryan spoke so quickly and quietly that the neighbor only understood but a few words in his humiliating ramblings.

Those trembling words made her to take pity on him.
But this was short lived, because in a moment, he was at it again. Trying to get away. Trying to climb out of the embarrassment.

This time, she'd had enough. In a tone that made all the hair on his body stand on end she commanded, "COME DOWN FROM THERE RIGHT NOW!"

He did as he was told.

"Now turn around, you little pervert."

Ryan turned to face the girl next-door.

She had calmed down again. He was so scared and passive.

"You know, I've seen you watching me before."

"Y-you have?" Ryan stammered.

"Of course, you're not a very good peeping Tom."

Misunderstanding what she was saying, he corrected her, "My name's Ryan."

At this, the girl laughed. "What a silly little sissy you are."

"Please, can I go now?" Ryan pleaded.

"Sure." she said with a smirk, "Just give me back my underwear."

"But I'm not wearing anything else."

"That's your problem. You climbed out here like that, you can figure it out, unless..."
She cut herself short and waited for Ryan to slip the red cotton panties down.

He held them out to her. 

She laughed again, louder this time. And he knew what she was laughing at.

He tried to cover himself but was still waiting for her to take back the panties.

"Unless what?" he managed.

Controlling her laughter, she finished her thought, "...unless you want to come over to my apartment and..."

Ryan's eyes showed he understood but he wanted his nightmare to really become his dream. She had to say it...

"And what?" he asked.

But she just smiled and took the panties from his hands. Then she turned and walked inside without another word. Ryan's heart was still pounding. He didn't know what came next.

The girl had left the door open across the empty alleyway. He was still covering himself and wanted to flee, to climb back into his own apartment. He waited trembling in fear.

What should he do?



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