Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jackie + Coke (Part I):

Jacob was having a good time at the party. Everyone was.

The house was packed and there was more alcohol than he'd ever
seen in one place.

Tonight, he had only one agenda. Jacob wanted to get as drunk as possible.

He only knew a few people but most of them were friends of his ex-girlfriend, Vicky.

Vicky had just broken up with him for cheating and Jacob had in mind to prove to himself it had been worth it.

Since he was alone and didn't really know anyone, he took shot after shot to loosen himself up a little.

By the time he hit the dance floor, Jacob was severely hammered.

Stumbling, he fell immediately into the crowd and knocked into a group near the door.

"WHOA!" said one girl laughing.

They helped him to his feet and watched as he tried to find his legs under him. Once he was a few feet away the group burst into laughter at the drunken state he was in so early in the night.

"That guy was a mess!" The same girl yelled over the music.

Jacob mingled a little more before falling a second time. Like the first time, he was helped up.

That's when he saw her. She was beautiful and she had been watching his drunken escapades with obvious interest.

He walked over to her with the confidence from the alcohol, "I... looooooooovvvvvveeeeee..... your shhhhhhirt."

She smiled at him, "You're very drunk."

"That, I is--am." Jacob agreed. "Look! We match!" He gestured at her shirt again and gestured at the bottle in his hand. "But where oh where, oh where, oh where, can I get myself one of those. I need to be wearing one of those too!"

"You want mine?" The girl said matter of factly, "I can take it off for you."

Jacob was taken aback and had to shake his head straight to make sure he understood what she'd just said. Never before had he been successful with such ease. "Uhh..." Was all he could manage.

The girl in the Jack Daniels shirt called out across the room, "Hey Jess, I'm taking Jacob in the back room, he says he wants a new shirt to wear."

Jess waved from across the room. It was her party, it was her house, she was a friend of his ex.

Jacob followed the girl. She closed the bedroom door and sat down. "Well go ahead, take your clothes off."

Jacob took his clothes off, still trying to get a grasp on the whole situation.

"Hey," he stammered, "How'd d'you know my name?"

She had taken out her phone and took a few pictures of him undressing, "Oh, me and Vicky go way back."

At hearing his ex's name he added, "Goooood, then you knowww."

"Know what cutie?"

"You know that I'm a freeeee man now!" he said triumphantly.

"Is that so?" she said, "Well, we should celebrate then! Let's find you something pretty to wear."

Jacob had barely heard the second part of what she had said. He was completely naked and concentrating just to stand up straight. "Wait, what d'you just say?"

"Didn't you want to change shirts?" the girl said wryly.

"No!" Jacob cried without tact, "I wanted you to take off your clothes!"

"Oh, that's right! Well, if I take my clothes off, then you're going to have to put them on."

This logic made no sense to Jacob but he wanted the mysterious girl to take her clothes off so badly that he just agreed to whatever she was saying.

And so the girl too took off all of her clothes and laid them out neatly for Jacob.

After she had finished, Jacob moved towards her and tried to kiss her but stumbled.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing!?!" she called out to him.

"What?" he said, shocked and confused and frustrated.

"Put those on!" she demanded. "I laid them all out for you."

Jacob didn't know what was going on, "I don't want to wear that, those are girl's clothes."

"Well if you're not going to wear that, then we'll have to dress you in something else."

His head was spinning. He had to lay down.

He looked around the room to find where he had put his bottle.

Without his realizing it, the girl was sliding a pair of cotton panties up his legs. He wanted to stop her. He was helpless, lying drunken on the hardwood floor. And there she was naked above him. He was too drunk and lusty to resist.

In a few minutes, she had dressed him fully, done his make-up and put his hair into two quick pig-tails.

She stood above him and took another set of photos with her phone.

"Where's my botttttle." he croaked, seeming indifferent or unaware of his appearance.

"It's right over there by the chair, sweetie." The girl said, dressing herself again.

He crawled the length of the room and taking the bottle in his hands, began to finish it.

"Don't you think you've had enough, Jackie?" For a moment, she felt bad for him.

Sitting down in the chair, Jacob missed what she had called him and forgetting where he was and what had transpired, he propositioned the girl once more, "Hey, are we gonna' have sex or what?"

"You just sit patiently, beautiful. I'll be right back." the girl said.

And he did just that.

Not but a few seconds after the girl left the room, Jacob heard the chime of a text message. He fumbled through his pants pockets but couldn't find his phone.

Then, slowly, he remembered that he wasn't wearing his own pants.

He rushed over to the pile of clothes he had worn to the party, now heaped in the corner.

Finding the phone, he opened the message and there, to his horror, he saw a photo of himself dressed as he was. Another text came through immediately after, it was from Vicky.

The message read, 'Cute outfit Jackie! LOL!'

"Oh shit!" Jacob said aloud.

He was sober enough to recognize the gravity of the photo and the message from his ex.

She had planned this...

He sat down on the floor to process and try to recollect himself for a moment.

Vicky had known he'd be here tonight.

He had played right into her little game of revenge.

The only question was, who else had the mysterious girl sent those pictures to?

The room began to spin again. He wanted to cry.

He needed to pull himself together and get out of there. But first, he needed to get changed out of these clothes.

And just as he was thinking all this, there was a knock at the door.

"Is anyone in here?" came Jess' voice from the hallway.

"Uhh... ya. It'sh jus' me." Jacob slurred.

"Jacob? You're still here?"

Jacob unbuttoned the jeans and took them off in a fury.

"The party is pretty much over..." Jess was saying as she opened the door. "...everyone is about to... OH MY GOD!"

He looked up at her from the ground in horror.

"Are you wearing my clothes!?!" she screamed. The anger breezed past seeing how drunk he was and soon she began to laugh.

"It's not what it looks like..." Jacob tried to explain.

"HEY! EVERYONE, COME LOOK WHO I FOUND GOING THROUGH MY PANTY DRAWER!!!" Jess yelled down the hallway to the remaining guests.

"No, don't!" but it was too late.

Jacob looked down and for the first time, noticed the pink panties.


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  1. i was never caught but I wish this had happened to me.