Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jackie + Coke (Part III):

Jacob awoke the next morning to the sound of the three girls talking in the other room.

He had a terrible headache but was fully sober.

Looking beneath the covers at his fully feminized body, his stomach dropped and he could only remember fragments of everything that had happened after the party.

As fast as he could in his hungover state, Jacob jumped out of bed and stripped off the panties and t-shirt he had worn to bed.

He scoured the room in search of the clothing he had worn to the party.

"Where are my clothes!?" He thought in desperation.

And while searching the room he heard Jess' voice which was now all too familiar from the previous night events.

"Well, good morning, sweet girl!"

Jacob turned and saw Jess in the doorway.

Since he was no longer drunk, the full weight of the humiliation from last night was upon him.
Jess' eyes looked up and down him body, "Are you looking for your clothes?"

Jacob knodded, yes.

"I threw them out, silly. The way you were acting last night, you obviously didn't need them anymore."

The two other's appeared in the hall and walked into the room. Still giggling about their sissy dress-up doll.

"Well, well, well, look who's finally awake." Claire said.

"I guess we should find something for him to wear today." Said Ashley, looking directly at Jacob.

"Please," Jacob pleaded, "I just want to go home."
"Okay, little girl." Jess said to the delight of the other two girls. "Let's find you something to wear for the walk home."

"But then everyone will see me in girl's clothes!" He protested.

"Well, then, you'll just have to stay here and be our little princess doll forever." Jess joked.

Jacob sat on the floor and balled up. He was on the verge of crying like he had the night before.

The girls decided what to do with their toy.

"Well, it's true, we can't keep him forever."

"But I at least want to have a little more fun."

"I know what we can do to him!"

And then they began to whisper.

A little later after finalizing their play, the girls turned to Jacob who was on the floor. He looked up at them, worried at their new hidden plans for him.

"We'll disguise you." Said Jess.

"What do you mean?"

"You know, so no one knows it's you." She continued.

Before Jacob could accept their offer, Jess turned at grabbed a pair of panties and bent down to put them on him.

Jacob knew from experience that it was useless to resist her.

"What a good little girl you are. Not even putting up a fight." She commended him.

She slid the pink cotton panties over his feet and up his leg, all the while, the other two girls just watched.

"Okay, now you've messed your make-up so I want you to go into the bathroom and fix yourself up real nice. We've got to make you convincing as a girl, so you can get home without anyone recognizing you."

Jacob got up and went into the bathroom.

There before him was all the cosmetics that had been used throughout the course of the night on him.

He did as he'd been instructed.

As he was putting on a new fresh layer of make-up, he felt the stirring that he had felt last night.

He couldn't believe it. Even now, sober, he was turned on by wearing Jess' panties.

He finished putting on the make-up as quickly as he could.

In the bedroom, the girls had left and so he began to put together an outfit for himself.

He slipped into a pink sweater and began looking for something to wear with it.

The girls came back into the room and he turned to get their opinion of his make-up job.

"What do you think?" Jacob said, striking a pose.

Claire, Ashley, and Jess all started to laugh when they saw how feminine his gesture was.

"You do look cute." Jess admitted, "But see if you can find something more 'girly' to wear."

Jacob said he would try.

"We'll be in the kitchen, when your ready to try again."

Jacob searched until he found an outfit he thought the girl's would approve of.

He put on a grey dress with lace shoulders and found matching lace panties.

Confident in his choice, he walked proudly into the kitchen to show off his outfit.

The girls were waiting for him just as they said they would be.

"Go ahead, spin for us. Show us what you're wearing." Ashley said.

Jacob again, did as he was told and showed off the dress to the girls.

And then to their astonishment and without asking, he bent over and showed off the panties he had selected.

"Haha," Claire laughed, "very sexy. But don't you think that those pretty panties are a little too see-through?"

Jacob re-evaluated his selection.

The girls were right. Someone on the street would notice he was a boy immediately wearing this.

He had a funny, puzzled look on his face.

Jess asked if he was hungry, they were about to make breakfast.

Again, Jacob posed so femininely the girls couldn't help but be a little proud of their creation.

"Oh hunny, you're hopeless." Jess teased, "Don't worry, I'll help you find something to wear."

Jess took Jacob back into her room.

She picked out a short skirt and simple black top. "Here you go Jake, you don't have to go over the top to look good."

He put the clothes on.

"How does it feel?" She asked.

"I like it." He said with a smile.

"You should take it for a walk around the block to make sure before you go all the way home."

Jacob agreed and she handed him a coat and the keys to her apartment.

The girls called to him from the kitchen as he was leaving out the front door, "Just a walk around the block to see how it feels, ok? Don't take too long."

Jacob walked outside.

He hadn't made it but a few steps when he immediately regretted what he was wearing.

As he walked towards the street, he could feel the cold wind on his butt and between his legs.

He felt very exposed.

He could hear people talking up ahead.

Without taking another step, he turned and ran back to the front door of Jess' apartment.

Anxiously, he tried the key in the lock, but it didn't work.

He tried another key, but non of them seemed to work.

The voices were getting closer.

He banged on the door but no one came.

He could distinctly hear two men and others with them.

Desperately he tried the first key again.

"Please work, please work!" He said to himself.

The group turned the corner, the lock clicked open.

He flung himself inside, panting.

The girls appeared and asked what had happened.

"I... I can't do this." Jacob said.

"Oh, don't be so melodramatic." Jess reprimanded him.

"We've still got one plan left." Claire said, holding her mimosa.

The girl's led Jacob back into the bathroom and had him sit down on the toilet.

Then Jess pulled out from under the sink a bunch of hair-dying supplies.

"We're gonna dye my hair?" Jacob asked.

"Ya! Then no one will know it's you!" Ashley said in a tone that was so positive Jacob couldn't argue.

And so Jess and Jacob remained in the bathroom while the other two girls went to make breakfast.

"I recently used the same coloring on my hair." She told him, "We'll be like sisters!"

After they finished, Jess brought Jacob into her room and found some lingerie for him to try on.

"What's this for?" He asked.

"Come on, we both know you're not doing all this just to get home."

Jacob looked away ashamed, he knew she was right. He went into the bathroom to put on the underwear.

"Hey girls!" Jess called to the kitchen, "He's ready!"

They came immediately.

"Come out, come out wherever you are sissy." Claire said.

"Where is he?" Asked Ashley.

"Don't worry." Jess winked, "He'll be out when he's ready."

The girls waited patiently for Jacob to finish getting himself ready.

Finally, the door opened and out walked Jacob.

"So, I guess you're here to stay, huh?" Jess laughed, taking a few final pictures to send to Vicky.



  1. Jacob, is such a lucky guy...lovely erotic story ☺

  2. I would love this to happen to me.I want to be a maid for life to beautiful women. Change me into one

  3. great story!! i enjoyed every minute of reading all three chapters.i hope here ill be more chapters . thanks paull

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  5. I luv wearing short short shorts with barely there panties underneath& and a tee shirt cut short at waist line. I dress like this in public and private. My motto in summer is “ wear as little clothing as possible”!!!