Monday, May 5, 2014

Dazed and Confused:

Ben's parents had gone out of town for the weekend, leaving him in charge of his little sister Amy. He was in his first year of College but to save some money commuted from their house to the University.

Since his parent's had left for their getaway on Friday morning, it was up to Ben to pick his little sister up from school that afternoon.

Seizing the chance to have the entire house to himself, he rolled a joint and got stoned in the living room as soon as his mom and dad were out of the driveway.

A few hours later there was a call to the houseline.

Dazed, Ben answered, "Uh, hello?

"Yes, is Mrs. Lancey there?" Came a serious voice of a middle-aged women on the other line.

"Uh, no. Not right now. Can I umm... take a message or something?"

"This is Mrs. Conway, the principle here at Riverside Middle School. Amy Lancey has been waiting outside for her ride for the last 45 minutes. Can you please tell..." Ben didn't even listen to the rest of what Mrs. Conway was about to say.

He slammed the phone down, grabbed the keys, and ran out the door.

"Shit!" He kept saying over and over again on the ride to the school.

As he pulled up in the van, he could see his sister standing alone against the wall near the gymnasium.

She opened the passenger door and got in.

"Where have you been!?!" she demanded.

"Sorry, Amy, I got held up." Ben said.

"Whatever, you're in so much trouble when I tell mom and dad how late you were."

They drove home in silence.

When they got to the house, Amy slammed the car door and went inside without saying anything.

Ben thought that she was just being young and dramatic and that he could make it up to her somehow over the weekend.

He walked up the front steps to the house but before he could get to the front door he hear Amy from inside, "Oh! You are so busted!!!"

In the living room, Amy had found his marijuana that he had left on the table in his hasty exit.

"Please," Ben pleaded. "I'll do anything."

Hearing those magic words, Amy snapped out of her anger immediately.

"Well, first off. I want Tiffany and Leslie to sleepover all weekend."

"Fine." Ben said.

"And," Amy continued, "I want pizza for dinner!"

"If that's what you want. Is that all?"

Amy thought for a moment, "Yeah, for now."

Ben thought he'd gotten off easy. He quickly moved the pot into his room and arranged for his sister's friend's to come over for a pizza party.

A few hours later, her friends had arrived and they were eating and having fun in the kitchen.

Ben was in his room, smoking again.

Pretty soon, he got the munchies and went out to the kitchen to share in the pizza party.

He came out and sat down at the table with the three girls.

Amy's friend Leslie blurted out, "What's that smell?"

Tiffany giggled.

Amy glared at her brother. "Are you high?" she asked.

"No." Ben said defiantly.

"Yes you are." Amy responded. "I'm still gonna' tell mom."

"Amy don't!" Ben pleaded.

"Then you're going to do exactly as I say..." She narrowed her eyes as she spoke and Ben felt a cold chill run throughout his body.

"W-What do you want me to do?" Ben mumbled.

"We're going to play dress up." She said and sent a smirk towards Tiffany and Leslie.

Ben was still pretty stoned and didn't know what to say. Was she serious?

He looked across the table at Amy's two friends who were giddy with excitement to see their friend's power over him.

Tiffany just smiled back at Amy.

With a mouthful of pizza, Leslie said, "Ooooo, this is gonna' be so much fun!"

They picked out for him a black polkadot dress from Amy's closet and a pair of little girl's white cotton embroidered panties which were both much too small for him.

The three girls sat Ben down on the couch after having done his make-up and put a wig on him from the costume box in the attic.

His head was spinning from smoking and from the confusion of what his sister and her friends were doing to him.
Ben kept fidgeting with the dress which was extremely short since it was made for someone his sister's size.

He tugged and pulled at the hem to keep from showing the other girls his panties.

It was all so surreal, was this really happening?

"Okay!" Amy said with a surprising excitement that knocked Ben out of his haze, "Now, stand up show us your panties little girl!"

Ben did as he was told.

The three middle school girl's screamed with delight at the brother's humiliation.

"Do you feel like you've been punished enough?" Amy asked.

Ben couldn't answer, something caught his words in the back of his throat. He was so humiliated and confused that he wanted to cry.

"No?" Amy said.

Before he could recover and answer his little sister, her judgement had passed.

"In that case, it's time for your spanking!" Amy said with a giant smile. "Go ahead, get on your hands and knees."

Ben could only fall back onto the couch in a dazed disbelief. He looked up at his sister and pleaded. "Please, Amy... Don't make me do this."

Amy spoke very sternly and demanded her brother to get on the floor, "I SAID, BEND OVER FOR YOUR SPANKING!" Her smile was gone and Ben was terrified.

Again, he did as he was told.

Each of the girls took turns spanking Ben. He was so humiliated and confused that he began to cry.

The girl's kept spanking him harder and harder and Ben was beginning to get scared because it was starting to hurt.

"Please!" He called out to the little girls but they did not hear him over their laughter.

With his head buried in his hands and face in the couch, Ben sobbed. Leaning over with his dress pulled up and pantied butt in the air, he heard Tiffany yell out over the laughing girls.

"He's peeing his panties!" she screeched.

And sure enough, Ben had pissed himself in front of his sister and her two friends.

"Looks like we've got a little baby girl to deal with..." Amy said. "I've got just the thing for a baby like you."

Ben looked up at her with blurry eyes and soaked panties. He was in for a long weekend.



  1. I have waited so long for a post on your blog. Please please post more often. All your posts are so magical and great

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  3. THAT i to got blackmailed by my sister

  4. Cute story. Was easy to follow and pictures made it come to life.

  5. Funny, but I have just one gripe about this story:did the girls force Ben to dress up in front of them, or in private? If in front of them, then there should have been a section where they mocked his balls and dick. Even if he did it in private, then because of his tiny panties, they should have still seen and made fun of his balls (which should be sagging out).

    Just my two cents.

    1. Why? The story is really good, you are only saying something stupid. For example, I don't like when they mocked hsi balls and dick. Go f*** yourself.

  6. Please update as soon as possible. I love all of your stories

  7. Part 2 please!!

  8. I would have loved getting spanked in panties. They could also make wear a swimsuit.

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