Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Sleepover (Part II):

The next morning, Haley woke first and rolled over to find Cameron asleep wearing nothing but a bra and the heart covered thong.

She leaned over and pulled back the blankets to get a good look at his butt. Then she slapped it as hard as she could and Cameron woke with a startle. After looking around the room and regaining his awareness he was immediately ashamed of what he was wearing.

Haley could sense his turmoil and she offered for them to take a hot shower together.

Cameron agreed and the two stripped down in the bathroom and hopped in at the same time.

Before too long they were laughing about the events of the night before and Cameron figured it was over with.

They were playful in the shower and splashed each other, giggling the whole time like two little girls. But soon enough the playing turned sexual and Cameron found himself groping at Haley's body. He spun her around so she faced the wall and grabbed her ass.

"Cameron!" She yelled angrily.

He immediately stopped. By the look on her face he knew he was in trouble.

"That's not how ladies act, little girl!" She lectured him.

They got out and Haley got Cameron a towel to dry off. She didn't make any more comments about how him acting like a girl or what he was to wear or anything like that. Cameron was relieved to be done with playing dress-up for now, especially after Haley's comment in the shower. 

While he was drying off, however, Haley came into the bathroom and put a pair of her clip-on earrings in his ears, which Cameron thought was odd. 

But still he didn't protest.

Haley had thought she was done playing too. The earrings were just a joke. A reminder about a fun night they'd had.

But then she looked down at Cameron's shaved legs showing under her pink towel and she got an idea.

"Hey, Cami." Cameron looked up at her from drying off. "I was thinking about going in late to work today. Do you want to stay and have lunch with me?"

"Sure, that sounds good."

"Great!" Haley continued, "I'll leave you some clothes on the bed."

Cameron smiled at her, "Which clothes?" He asked knowingly.

"Oh... just something."

He didn't really want to play anymore but didn't bring it up and instead continued to dry himself off.

When Cameron came out of the bathroom there was a pile of folded clothes waiting as promised on the bed.

A green t-shirt and jeans lay stacked next to a fresh pair of panties with cherries printed on them.

He took the clothes back into the bathroom and got dressed quickly.

He heard Haley through the door, "If you want, there's some make-up you can borrow in there too."
She said it so seriously, as if it wasn't a joke anymore.

Cameron snooped around and found some lip gloss and mascara to put on.
Then he even took the to time to indulge and paint his toe-nails.

After he was done, he looked himself over in the mirror and became turned on by his own reflection! Then he went out into the living room.

Haley asked if he wanted breakfast or if he could wait till lunchtime.

"Uh, I guess I can wait." He replied from the couch.

He heard Haley coming into the room.

She rounded the corner and when she caught sight of him grinned enormously.

"You look hot!" She told him.

He smiled sheepishly and didn't say anything.

"I can't believe it all fits you so well! Are you wearing everything?"

"Yes, Haley."

"Prove it."

Cameron rolled his eyes and began to unbutton the top of his jeans. He pulled at the straps of his panties to prove to Haley he was wearing everything she had laid out for him.

"Too F'n cute." Haley squealed.

Cameron began to button them up again but Haley quickly stopped him.

"No, no little girl, take 'em all the way off."

Cam didn't resist at all, he was having fun playing her games once again and pulled the jeans down past his butt.

He sat up leaning against the arm of the sofa and wiggled his pantied butt around for Haley's amusement.

Then he continued to pull the jeans down to his ankles.

While he was taking them off, the phone range in the other room and Haley jumped up to go get it.

"Sorry hun, I'll just be a second." She said as she sprinted towards the kitchen.

Cameron pulled the jeans all the way off and sat on the couch wearing only the green shirt and Haley's cherry printed panties.

She came back in a few minutes and Cameron asked in his most provocative voice, "Who called?"

This made Haley smile.

She liked it when he played around like that.

"Oh my! I just realized you painted your toe-nails!" Haley chirped.

Cameron stuck one leg in the air and wiggled his toes around for her to get a better look.

"You're just too cute. I might have to keep you!" She teased him.

"Hey! What kind of girl do you think I am!?!" He joked back.

The phone rang again in the other room and this time as Haley went to answer it, she turned to Cameron and told him, "I better get a good view of the booty when I come back in the room."

Cameron sat up on the couch again this time with his face to the wall so to give Haley the best view possible when she came back in. He waited and waited in that position for her to come back. Eventually he called to her in the other room.

"Haley? Are you coming?"

She put the phone down for a second and stuck her head around the corner into the living room.

"Ya, sorry about that, I was just getting some RSVP's from some other girls who are gonna stop by for lunch with us..."



  1. OMG...Just had to tell you your stories are totally *hot*!! I'm tenting my panties! :) New follower...

  2. pull her sweet panties down and cum in her arse