Tuesday, January 18, 2011

His Sister's Laundry (Part II):

Mike and Ali never spoke about the night he did her laundry. Mike had naturally assumed she had been too drunk to remember what had happened. They remained very close.

Two years after the incident in the laundry room, Ali was about to graduate high school and was applying and visiting colleges.

One weekend, Mike got a call from his sister:

"Hey Mikie!"

"Whats up!?!"

"Guess who's coming to town next week?"

"Thats so perfect!" Mike exclaimed, "I finish my last exam tomorrow!"

"Cool! I'm checking out UMA, how far is that from you?" Ali asked.

"Not far, maybe a 10 minute drive."

"Great, I think I'm gonna get a hotel room and stay for a few days, I'll call you with details soon!"

"I'm in! I can't wait to see you." Mike hung up the phone and thought about that night in the laundry room. They had never talked about it, but that didn't mean Ali didn't remember.

He decided not to let it worry him and continued studying for his finals.

A week later Ali was in a hotel room when there was a knock at the door.

She rushed over to answer it and standing in the doorway was Mike with an excited expression. They embraced and she invited him in.

"Nice place ya' got here." Mike joked.

"Hey... don't be rude. It does have a pool." She retorted.

It didn't take them long to catch up and learn all about each other's lives since they had last been together.

After awhile, Ali walked over to her suitcase and unzipped it. "I almost forgot," she said with a smile. "I brought something for you."

Oblivious to the undertones, Mike wondered what it could be. After a few minutes of digging, she pulled out a pink 'hello kitty' t-shirt and a matching pair of panties.

Mike's heart sank.

"Oh come on, don't act like you don't want to try these on!" Ali jeered.

"Of course I don't. Why, why would you say I do?" Mike struggled with his words.

"Pwetty pwease?"

"I don't want to Ali." Mike said sternly.

"Are you suuurrreee?"

Mike didn't respond, he looked irritated.

"Cause, I'm just not sure how much longer I can act like I was too drunk to remember that night in the laundry room." She said with a smirk.

"You wouldn't dare tell anyone." Mike was getting worried, all his worst fears about that night were coming true.

Ali pulled out another small bag from her suitcase. "It could just be..." She unzipped the bag full of make-up, "...our little secret."

Moments later they were both in the bathroom. At first Ali was helping Mike apply but after awhile she backed off and watched him do his own make-up.

"I knew it!" She laughed, "You little slut you!"

"What are you talking about?" Mike looked at her.

"I knew you secretly wanted to do this!"

Mike didn't say anything.

"I wont tell if you don't, Michelle."

Mike glared at her in the mirror while he put on the lip gloss.

She had him stand against the wall and took a good, long look at him. Laughing at the bulge in front of the panties.

"You're such a slut."

Mike trotted around the room, trying to act as feminine as possible. He even crossed his legs when he sat.

This lasted for sometime and he began to feel very comfortable in the hotel room. He enjoyed being girly with Ali and he even fake flirted with her. At one time, Ali even left the hotel room for a few minutes and Mike just kept on acting like a girl.

The entire time, Ali was in stitches.

Three hours later and Mike was beginning to get tired of being in little girl's clothes.

"O.K.," he said, "I think I'm done for now, where you put my clothes?"

"Oh, sweetie, I threw them out in the main office."

With all Mike's playing, he didn't even notice Ali leave with his clothes and come back empty handed.

"But don't worry Michelle, I brought more than enough for the both of us." Ali teased.



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